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Buildings in central Kharkiv severely damaged by strikes

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Ongoing attacks in Ukraine’s second-largest city, Kharkiv, continued to damage civilian areas, a video posted on March 12 shows.

Resident Maria Avdeeva’s footage shows buildings on Myronosytska Street in ruins.

According to a UN update released on March 12, there have been at least 949 civilian casualties in Ukraine’s government-controlled areas, including Kharkiv, since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Credit: Maria Avdeeva via Storyful

video transcript

MARIA AVDEEVA: Hello, I’m Maria Avdeeva from Kharkiv, Ukraine, March 12, and I’m on one of the main streets of Kharkiv in the center, in the center of Kharkiv. I’ve seen here on this fairway in this one spot alone, three holes made by Russian Rockets. And as I understand it, the bombings happened here twice. This building is completely in ruins and the nearby building across the street was also heated by Russian bombs. This is the very center of Kharkiv, the heart of the city. There, you would see the university building, and it used to be a very lively area with many students and nearby cafes with coffee and sweets, and the restaurants all over this area. And now, it is completely empty, with no one on the streets and only the signs of Putin’s ongoing war against Ukraine. Help Ukraine to fight with Putin because only together we will win this war. Support Ukraine. Slova, Ukraine.

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