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Build a home theater!

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Vacations are amazing for spending time with family, although after several days it’s likely to run out of ideas, especially if they’ve been staying home. To share fun times with the family, watching movies is always a great option, especially when you manage to create the atmosphere of the cinema in your home. Keep reading and find out what you need to spend movie, series and program nights, and enjoy them like never before.

The screen can not miss!

The main thing is the television, so if you want to renew yours or simply put a new filter in another space of your house, now is the time to do it! Be sure to buy one that meets your needs, but also provides hours of entertainment for everyone, so inch size is important.

Remember that a screen is measured diagonally, i.e. if the measurement is 60 inches, that means that’s what the screen measures from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. You can find a wide variety of brands, sizes and prices, so getting a new TV is very easy.

Let the sound surround you

In addition to image quality, sound is important. have good horns o quizás un teatro en casa, ayudará a crear la sensación de estar realmente en una sala de cine, ya que al distribuirlas stratégicamente, el sonido llegará desde distintos ángulos, ofreciendo a toda tu familia la experiencia completa de imagen y sonido que disfrutan cuando van At the movie theater.

And the combo?

There can’t be going to the cinema without eating popcorn, drinks and sweets! So at home they can’t be missing either. If you have already prepared for the cinema day at home, do not forget to buy to taste like potato chips, popcorn (microwaved or bagged), potato chips, cookies, and maybe even some fresher ones like chopped fruit and julienned vegetables.

Regarding the beveragesIt can be fruit juices, soft drinks, flavored waters, and for older people, cocktails and beers! And of course, don’t forget sweets and ice cream. All the dishes you want to eat will depend on your tastes, much better than in the cinema!

Build a home theater!

Extras to add your personal touch

If you want to give a different touch to the experience, instead of turning off the lights when they enjoy their movie, you can place a light guide so that the space is more beautiful, you can put cushions and blankets available to the little ones in case they want to sit on the ground, and even pitch a small tent for them using sheets on the sofas!

Fill the holidays with fun and spend amazing evenings with your family at home, they don’t need to go on a trip to enjoy this season! Make a list of everyone’s favorite movies and series or organize them by day so everyone can watch their favorite content.

In addition, it is very easy to configure your home theater with Bodega Aurrera online pantry at your home*, you just have to place your order wherever you are and receive it at home! You can pay on delivery or pick it up at the agency you have indicated. Take advantage of the last days of July because on purchases over $499, delivery is free. Start enjoying the summer holidays!

*Consult participating stores when requesting the Bodega Aurrera service online Despensa a tu Casa or in the Terms and Conditions at Pantry.BodegaAurrera.com.mx.

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