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BSC-CNS and Lenovo will collaborate on the R&D of supercomputing technologies in priority sectors in Spain and the EU

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MADRID, June 22 (Portaltic/EP) –

That National High Performance Computing Center (BSC-CNS) and Lenovo have announced a collaboration to advance research in priority sectors in Spain and the European Union for high-performance computing such as personalized medicine and chip design sovereignty.

BSC-CNS and Lenovo have been working together for six years and this new collaboration will make that possible the development of new supercomputing technologies for the exascale era. The technology company will invest $7 million over three years in these plans, the company’s largest investment in research in Spain.

The director of the BSC-CNS, Mateo Valero, has pointed out that “this research collaboration will generate important benefits for the regionnot only in human and scientific terms, but also in technological and economic terms,” ​​the joint statement said.

Specifically, the cooperation will focus on further development precision medicine through the use of supercomputing, Chip design and development European open source and the Creating more sustainable supercomputers and data centers energetic.

“Our common goal is Adopt open architecture to help scientists and researchers with smarter, more efficient and more sustainable supercomputing platforms,” ​​said Noam Rosen, EMEA director of HPC and AI at Lenovo.

The collaboration between BSC-CNS and Lenovo is the continuation of a joint work from 2016, is to examine, among other things, the use of artificial intelligence in the field of precision medicine or the sustainability of supercomputers.

Source europapress.es

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