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Browns owners could be getting cold feet at league meetings

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Yes, the 32 NFL teams represent unique and distinct businesses. But they’re all united by the Big Shield, and there’s a certain way of doing business under the broader umbrella of the NFL.

With owners from every team in sunny Palm Beach for the first in-person annual meetings since 2019, the Cleveland Browns owners could be in for a chilly reception.

Peter King describes Jimmy and Dee Haslam as “[n]ot the most popular people at league meetings on Sunday ‘at the last King’s Soccer morning in America column. King says he’s heard “a lot of complaints” from people within NFL circles regarding the decision to give up so many draft picks to Deshaun Watson and pay him a five-year, $230 million contract with every penny guaranteed, given the accusations still pending against Deshaun Watson. he.

A team executive told King the situation “stinks to heaven.”

Aside from the obvious criticism stemming from the decision to give up so much for Watson and give him a huge new contract on the way out the door (Russell Wilson didn’t get that in Denver) despite unresolved issues off the field, the Los Angeles Jimmy and Dee Haslam’s partners are surely not happy with the decision to guarantee so much money for so many years. The funding rule will require the Browns to set aside $169 million for next March. Other teams will now face similar expectations when negotiating their own contracts.

Teams had resisted, at the urging of the NFL’s Board of Directors, guaranteeing so much money in the future for years. The Browns have broken ranks, which may now require other teams to follow suit. Those other teams can’t be happy about that.

Browns owners could be being nonchalant at league meetings originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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