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Britney Spears: how her relationship with her children has changed since she married Sam Asghari

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The life of Britney Spears has completely changed since being released from his father’s guardianship after 13 years late last year of physical and psychological confinement.

from she got engaged to her boyfriend, got pregnant, sadly lost her baby, got married and recently moved in with husband Sam Asghari.

The Britney’s wedding was epic and featured iconic guests who made her day the best including Madonna, Selena Gomez, Drew Barrymore and Paris Hilton, and the famous was happier than ever.

Britney has finally found love, and her life seems to be looking up after 13 years of being locked up and suppressed by her father and his family.

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However, many wonder what their relationship is with their two sons Sean and Jayden, whom she had with Kevin Federline, now.

This Is Britney Separates’ Relationship With Her Two Children After Marriage

Sean and Jayden skipped their mom Britney Spears’ wedding but their relationship has improved, a source told Hollywood Life.

And it is that after getting married, Britney has moved into a mansion in the same neighborhood where her children live with their father, Kevin.

It did Their relationship is improving a lot, because according to the source, teenagers visit the singer very often.

“They visit his house quite often. Their relationship is stronger than ever.” assured the source about Britney and her children.

They even each have their own bedroom in Britney and Sam’s mansion. “Everyone has their own bedroom there, so they have their own space and feel at home. Britney wanted them to see her house the same way they saw their father’s house.”

Also the boys not only have they improved their relationship with their mother, but they also get along very well with Sam Asghari.

With Sam they also have a good relationship and he never tries to be a father, he’s more like a funny big brother.” assured the source.

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It is certainly a great motivation for Britney, who little by little was able to recover her life after years under the tutelage of her father.

Before, The famous could only see her children twice a week, and spend a night with them, but now she can see them whenever she wants and without a doubt, she deserves it, because she is the best mother.

Source metroecuador.com

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