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BridgeTower Capital partners with leading global art fund Artemundi to launch an NFT series by Spanish master artist Francisco de Goya

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— First limited NFT distributed to live attendees at Avalanche Summit in Barcelona —

BARCELONA (Spain) and SAN FRANCISCO (USA), March 25, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BridgeTower Capital, an innovator in connecting global blockchain markets, has announced a partnership with renowned global arts fund Artemundi to publish a series of NFTs featuring works by the acclaimed artist Spanish Francisco de Goya. The announcement was made at this week’s Avalanche Summit in Barcelona, ​​where all live attendees received the NFT for Plate 6 of Goya’s Caprichos, titled “No One Knows Himself.”

“Francisco de Goya is frequently recognized for his ability to portray the human condition, and we believe that this NFT series is a unique opportunity to introduce the works of this Spanish master to a whole new audience for appreciation,” said Javier Lumbreras, director executive. Officer von Artemundi “Goya’s work transcends his time. This image, Plate 6 of Los Caprichos, sheds light on our ability to truly connect with one another. This has never been more relevant than today and is at the core of our society within the expanding metaverse.”

Plate 6 of Los Caprichos is the first in a series of Goya NFTs to be published over the next year, selected from the 80 Caprichos owned by Artemundi. Each NFT will include an introduction to Goya, a description and title with translation for all countries, and a brief formal discussion of the symbolism of the artwork. The NFTs reside on the authorized BridgeTower marketplace, which investors can enter by creating a Securitize iD for a seamless KYC process, which can be completed in minutes. Securitize is a world leader in the legal issuance of digital assets and securities.

“BridgeTower is honored to participate in this partnership with Artemundi and celebrate the works of Francisco de Goya,” said Cory Pugh, CEO of BridgeTower Contracts within the marketplace – creating the right property and rights for the investor.”

One of the most important elements of the Goya NFT collection will be the opportunities created for new and deeper interactions with a community that appreciates Goya’s work. Discussion forums will be established to discuss the interpretation of whims in the 21st century, artistic expression, language, and the qualitative and subjective value of whims. Also, an excerpt from the book The art of collecting art provided by Javier Lumbreras, explaining “the best way to see and appreciate Goya’s Caprichos”.

The relevance of Goya’s masterpieces for the 21st century could well be deduced from today’s headlines. In addition to the metaverse, Goya’s upcoming NFTs will contribute to topics such as gender inequality, demagogues/fake news, freedom, and events in Ukraine.

“NFTs are simply an incredible opportunity to get involved in 21st century art,” continued Lumbreras. “This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we are excited to be a part of this partnership between Artemundi and BridgeTower Capital.”

About Bridge Tower Capital

BridgeTower Capital has developed a global platform that allows it to uniquely offer products in its own eligible markets to provide institutions with seamless access to staking, DeFi, NFT and Web 3.0. BridgeTower operates more than 5,000 of its own staking nodes using servers powered by 100 percent renewable energy. A significant portion of the revenue from these products is reinvested to continually grow BridgeTower’s infrastructure and assets. BridgeTower is a global company headquartered in Singapore with offices in Switzerland and the United States. This allows the company to act in accordance with the law in the most important jurisdictions for the global economy.

Visit http://www.bridgetowercapital.com for more information.

About Artemundi

Artemundi was founded on a rebellious idea and principled purpose, namely to help clients build and diversify their art investments without the excessive fees associated with traditional art businesses, while adhering to transparent business practices. . Since its inception in 1989, Artemundi has grown into an industry-leading art investment firm with thousands of successful transactions and more than $1 billion in art assets under management.

More information at https://artemundi.com/.

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