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‘Bridgerton’ stars cause a stir with their newest photos

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The third season of ‘Bridgerton’ is to this day one of the most awaited, because since we know that actors Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan, who play Colin and Penelopemore than one is ready to know the details of what is happening in their love story.

And it is that despite the fact that the filmmakers of this intrigue have broken with the initial order of this novel written by Julia Quinnthere was no doubt that it would be the best for this romantic period story with which Netflix broke several viewing records around the world, since this couple, which initially appears as one of the most impossible to achieve, will now be the protagonist and the one who will be ready to make more than one sigh who aspires to see them together “forever”.

Therefore, despite the secrecy that has existed between recent recordings that have already begun, its main characters were tasked with moving the audience with some images who show their empathy and the progression of this hit drama.

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Until now, the union between Colin and Penelope is one of the most anticipated of the series Bridgerton. And it is that it appears to be one of the most complex to happen, because the inveterate young man has always been very liberal and even sees this very faithful girl as a friend who has always supported him in the most difficult moments. most difficult in his life. life. Also, in several scenes in the second season, he repeated that he could never woo someone like her.

It didn’t just break my heart this young girl in love, but also showed that the rest of their love story will not be so easy. Therefore, so many of them want to know what will really happen between them in the next episode. And to complete the emotions, through their Instagram accounts, these beautiful actors have taken on the task of making publications in which they show their empathy, their connection and the fun they have whenever they are on and off set together.

Moreover, it is appreciated her change of look in which Colin is more and more handsome and mature and this girl has chosen to change her look to finally please the boy she loves so much and yearns to be by his side.

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