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Bridgerton season 2 review: If it’s corset, then this

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It is a well-established truth that a bachelor in possession of a good fortune needs nothing more than to desire a wife. The first sentence of Jane Austen’s novel “Pride and Prejudice” falls into Bridgerton never, but the entire series could also be summed up with the universally recognized truth, the “universally recognized truth” as it became a saying.

A man from a good family seeks a woman from a good family and vice versa. It is the central moment, the most important decision in the life of the English nobility from the beginning of the 19th century to the beginning of the 19th century. This world with its meticulous sense of rank and strictly regimented courtship rituals, in which a kiss before marriage, even between status-accepted lovers, being alone without a companion would be a real scandal. It is, ask millions of Netflix viewers in the early 21st century, the pinnacle of romance.

said again Bridgerton now about the search for a mate between duty and desire with an awakened twist. Because the Queen and much of the cast are not painted alabaster white, but more diverse than an American college campus in their advertising brochures. At the dances, the Bridgerton and Featherington families dance their brightly colored world to string renditions of Madonna’s “Material Girl.” And the consistently female sex scenes – their importance to the show’s success cannot be understated – are cutting-edge even for our time. Bridgerton he is wonderfully uninterested in historical or even contemporary realities.

“Bridgerton” is the ideal escapism, not completely detached from our otherwise not-very-candy-colored time.

The second season shows that Shonda Rhimes, the great producer and series writer (Grey’s Anatomy, scandal, making up Anna), with Bridgerton He is at the peak of his creativity. In 2017, she joined Netflix with her production company Shondaland. The series directed by showrunner Chris van Dusen Bridgerton it was the first production of this agreement. The first season was the most streamed on Netflix of all time in spring 2021 and also propelled the Julia Quinn novels on which it is based to the bestseller list 18 years after its release. New York Times. The first season, that much is now clear, was not a fluke, but the start of many years on the show with the Bridgertons. There are a total of eight Bridgerton siblings set to marry, and a third and fourth season have already been announced.

"Bridgerton" on Netflix: There are eight Bridgerton brothers.  Daphne (Phoebe Dyvenor), right, found happiness last season.  She now it's her brother Anthony's turn (Jonathan Bailey) to turn left.

There are eight Bridgerton brothers. Daphne (Phoebe Dyvenor), right, found happiness last season. She now it’s her brother Anthony’s turn (Jonathan Bailey) to turn left.


So this time it’s Lord Anthony (Jonathan Bailey), Bridgerton’s eldest son, who is supposed to be married. Unlike his sister Daphne, who joined her husband in season one, the aristocratic and fiercely passionate Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page, who sadly didn’t want to continue starring in season two), Anthony initially seeks less of a fiery connection. than for a solid one. The necessary drama is then provided by the fact that he is soon approaching an arranged marriage with a woman who has an older sister. All you need to know.

It’s also less of the basic plot than Bridgerton makes it so binge-worthy, from the first glance to the yes word, it’s pretty predictable, than the how. Then Bridgerton blends the best of many worlds into a light, gripping, and not stupid story. There is the stark setting of Jane Austen’s world, the romance of being unable to speak in rainy palaces, unable to show, and certainly unable to touch. And the potential for scandal. gossip Girlmore colors Marie Antoinette of Sofia Coppola and the kitsch ideal of love larger than life twilight. Dating the identity of Lady Whistledown, the Gossip Girl Bridgertonno eternal mystery is made, it is just an example of what Bridgerton better than other drama series.

Modern rhetoric in a world of powdered wigs might seem ridiculous if Bridgerton weren’t so contrived.

But Bridgerton is particularly inventive in the interplay between modernity and antiquity. The series has a super-modern veneer and offers a playful counter-narrative to the historical realities of gender and race in a no-nonsense way. Although Eloise Bridgerton already complains that as a woman you are also in Bridgerton They do not have the same rights as men. But in the end the women of Bridgerton ride alone, and of course: a black woman can be the English queen here. What else would no one say in “Pride and Prejudice”: Phrases like “I have to know myself first.”

"Bridgerton" on Netflix: Kate Sharma wants to set her sister up, Anthony Bridgerton wants to finally fulfill his family obligations and get married.  It fits, doesn't it?

Kate Sharma wants to set her sister up, Anthony Bridgerton wants to finally fulfill his family obligations and get married. She fits, doesn’t she?


Modern rhetoric in a world of powdered wigs and horse-drawn carriages may seem ridiculous, if Bridgerton It wouldn’t be so clearly contrived, not the ideal escapism, not completely detached from our otherwise not-so-caramel-colored time. It also camouflages the fact that conservative ideals are at the heart of the show’s fun.

Sure, if corset, then as in Bridgerton. But one may wonder, for example, why what is perhaps the most feminine sex scene in television history is set in a setting that is only allowed to take place in marriage. For women, of course, with men one was and is more generous, also in Bridgerton. The tension of not being able to do it is undeniable, but also very yesterday. Whose twilight-Has read books, suggesting quite a few Bridgerton-Fans should apply, maybe remember the bad feeling. Romance in a truly modern world also consists not insignificantly in the fact that sex before marriage is taboo. when you know that twilight-The author Stephenie Meyer is a practicing Mormon, I clarify some doubts about it.

Declaring marriage the highest goal in life is not fashionable, no. Perhaps there is more of the 19th century in us than we think.

Bridgerton Season 2 on Netflix on March 25.

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