Karsten Warholm came out as if nothing had happened. Leading the 100m and 200m. Aggressive attacks on the fences. With this philosophy that shows no mercy to the rival. “At some point you have to decide whether you are a sheep or a wolf. And you better be a wolf when you get to the starting line,” says the Norwegian in a video reminiscing about his sporting career, which began as a child when a friend told him he’s been there since he was there , would enter a race, and Warholm in jeans and a T-shirt won it.

But the reality is that something happened: the Norwegian, who had a great 2021, broke the world record twice (he left it in 45.94 seconds), tore a hamstring in the Rabat Diamond League and reached the Eugene World Cup , without having participated in 10 months. He passed the series without any problems and his semi-final gave hope (second fastest time). “In sport I learned never to say never. I’m feeling good at the moment,” he said at the start of his Oregon tour.

The final of a World Cup is something else. Dos Santos arrived in great form, with four of the top five grades of the year. And although Warholm once again wanted to be a wolf, in Oregon he remained a lamb: halfway through the test it showed that the miraculous recovery that allowed him to compete is not over, and the Brazilian along with the American Rai Benjamin, the other two favorites, surpassed him. In the final 100m, Warholm suffered from inactivity and three World Cup races in such a short space of time, sinking as lactic acid built up.

“My body reacted well, but the lactic acid hit me hard,” he explained at the end. “Obviously it’s not the result I was hoping for, but I have to be proud to be here and to have done my best.”

Dos Santos won with 46.29 seconds, a championship record, and became the first Brazilian to win a medal in the 400m hurdles. They were followed by the Americans Rai Benjamin (46.89 s) and Trevor Bassit (47.39 s). Warholm, winner of the last two World Championships, will have to wait at least until next year in Budapest to become the first man to win three times. Now he shares that spot with Americans Edwin Moses and Kerron Clement, and Dominican Félix Santos.

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