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Brazilian model OnlyFans is fired from a Miami market

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If it is true that those who decide to enter the world of only fans have the opportunity to inflate their portfolio, thanks to the subscriptions they accumulate, this is how they may face abuse and prejudice in their daily lives.

Influencers who choose to open their account on the private content site, which often specializes in intimate images and videos, are generally stigmatized by society.

Brazilian OnlyFans model kicked out of supermarket

This is what happened to the Brazilian Iara Ferreirawho succeeds in OnlyFans with thousands of subscribers, who generates a large sum of money, but has been seen discriminated against in a Miami market.

The adult platform star revealed that she was kicked out of a supermarket for being too “hot” and wearing clothes that left little to the imagination.

Ferreira argued that an employee approached her to ask her to leave the premises.

According to South America the worker was his compatriot, he recognized her and thought she was going to undress and film inside the company, to increase your following on social networks.

she felt humiliated

The blonde maintained that she was alone at the site, which she did not name or say how she was dressed at the time.

“I felt humiliated, I was in shock when he pulled me out of the market screaming. My look was not outrageous. I use it in Brazil, every day, and I have never experienced that,” he told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper. “The employee accused me of something I didn’t do. For me it’s prejudice just because I’m hot,” he continued.

Moreover, Ferreira assured that when he records in public, he does so discreetly, so that other people are not affected.

The OnlyFans model is the pitch of the American market.

He has already faced criticism for his figure

Indeed, this is not the first time that the Brazilian has suffered this type of situation in her daily life.

The South American, who earns around four thousand dollars a month on OnlyFans, indicated that She was once on a beach in Brazil wearing a skimpy swimsuit when three women came to criticize her. “They called me out of place and asked if I was selling nude photos.”

“I took my things and left this place. It’s because of envy, a thing of repressed women,” he said.

Source metroecuador.com

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