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Brazil embitters Colombia and stays in women’s soccer’s Copa America

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The Colombian party in the stands throughout the Copa America could only be stopped by Brazil, the inescapable reference of South American women’s football, even in these changing times. Heiresses of the legendary but already experienced Marta (36-year-old, who has been named the world’s best player six times) and Formiga (44), missing an official tournament for the first time in 20 years, beat the locals by 1: 0 in the final played in Bucaramanga this Saturday night and champions of the subcontinent were inaugurated for the eighth time in nine editions.

Debinha’s penalty goal in the 39th minute of the first half condemned the result and confirmed Brazil’s dominance during his time in Colombia with six wins in six games, 20 goals for and clean sheets. Furthermore, a full confirmation of its historical dominance: in the 140 games that Brazil has played in the Copa America since its first edition in 1991, Brazil has 47 wins in 50 games with only two losses (against Argentina, 2006 and 2006). 2014) and a tie (2014). That means he won 94% of his presentations.

Women’s soccer was banned in Brazil for more than 40 years, beginning with a law passed by President Getulio Vargas in 1941. Even after this ban ended in 1983, various state governments insisted on various aesthetic imperatives, such as preserving “femininity”. It was in those years that the future queens of South American football began to play.

The 25,000 people who packed the Alfonso López Stadium – and confirmed the Colombian public’s support for women’s football, despite the suspension the local league will suffer in the second half of the year – also witnessed a historic event: the Swede Pia Sundhage became the first coach to win the Copa America.

So far, the previous eight titles, Brazil’s seven and the triumph that wedged Argentina in 2006, have all belonged to men-led teams. Sundhage, 62, was a two-time Olympic gold medalist with the USA in 2004 and 2008, the leap Brazil is now aiming for: winning a World Cup or Olympic gold medal for the first time. America is too small for him.

Colombia, with a great campaign and led by young prodigy Linda Caicedo (17 years old), finished runners-up for the third time in their history after finishing runners-up in 2010 and 2014. The local team certainly , along with Brazil, qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympics and the 2023 New Zealand-Australia World Cup, a tournament that also saw Argentina finish third in the Copa America after beating Paraguay 3-1 on Friday night got the ticket.

Unlike previous editions where, since 1999, the champion was determined in the final rounds, this time a crucial match was played to determine first place. Tickets sold out days in advance and Colombia didn’t disappoint. With the support of their fans and the offensive prowess of their forwards – Caicedo, Leicy Santos, Catalina Usme and Mayra Ramírez – the locals seized the initiative, despite the Brazilians’ favoritism, adding several scoring chances, some of which were well solved by archer Lorraine.

However, Brazil – a team that attack and defend with their 11 players – took advantage of their first arrival and took advantage of the penalty converted by Debinha, one of Sundhage’s bets – along with Beatriz Zaneratto and Adriana – to get the goal The author of the penalty, who defined the tournament in passing, joined Argentina’s Yamila Rodríguez as the cup’s top scorer with 6 goals.

At a disadvantage, Colombia were further from the Brazilian goal in the second half, although the locals never lost hope of a draw, to the point that in the 44th minute of the second half Lorena had to strain from a venomous shot the forward usme Brazil has only repeated six players compared to the previous Copa America, that of Chile 2018, but whether it keeps its squad or presents its new figures, it always repeats its first place, a custom that does not lose its emotion.

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