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Bravura, caste and rags at an interesting fair in Céret


As pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago – these bullfighting fairs in southern France could well be baptized as the Camino del Torismo – hundreds of Spanish fans traveled again this past weekend to the small town of Céret, less than 20 kilometers from Catalonia to worship the bull. The main claim, the Dolores Aguirre and Palha bullfights, were announced on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th respectively.

And the journey was worth it. Although Palha’s bullfight lacked momentum and ferocity, Dolores Aguirres lived up to expectations. Aside from those who fought in second and third place, one for complicated and the other for tormented, the other Sevillian themed bulls squandered large doses of caste and put on a good show in all thirds.

Remarkable was the struggle of some of them on horseback, until the one who was demolished promptly and briskly, to later lay the kidneys and romanear. It was the case of the fifth, called Ugly facewho knocked over horse and picador after lifting them in the air and ramming them against the boards in a spectacular scene.

That afternoon Alberto Lamelas, Román and Maxime Solera did the walk. The first to match the most complete batch was the only one who managed to run a trophy (of light weight). The man from Jaén, full of pride, stood among his two opponents, embedded and demanding but with a good background. The best muletazos bore the signature of the Frenchwoman Solera, who, however, pierced with the sword. A suspicious Roman, meanwhile, had a drink, especially before his first, the most difficult.

One of Alejandro Vázquez’s oxen with bull rags fought on the morning of the 17th.Philippe Gil-Mir

The next day, in the morning, a heifer bullfight with the – many unknown – irons by Alejandro Vázquez Sánchez from encaste Núñez was announced. And the running of the bulls turned out to be the most interesting. First of all, apart from the outhouse discussed first, the animals that came out of the pigsties were in excellent rags. They fulfilled the majority in rods and offered great possibilities of brilliance for their embedded nobility. The best, gentlemanPlayed fourth, he was rewarded with a return to the ring in drag.

And although his two teammates, José Rojo and Leandro Gutiérrez, were not up to the task, Diego Peseiro jumped at the opportunity. The Portuguese novillero, who nailed banderillas with great success, performed admirable muletazos with both hands, was accurate with the sword and walked through the front door on his shoulders, having cut off two ears, one from each specimen of his lot.

That same Sunday, already in the evening, the fair closed with the long-awaited Palha bullfight, very well presented and amazing. What a way to finish the starting line without splintering a hook! But without being bad, it was rather disappointing. Apart from the sixth, oriented and very complicated, the always fearsome Portuguese horns developed excessive nobility and even lost their hands on several occasions. Despite everything, they more or less fulfilled in sticks and some, like the one that opened a place, showed their embedded background.

That was initially thanks to Sánchez Vara, who received an ovation after the paseíllo for his very meritorious performance in 2021 against the dangerous Mansada of Reta de Casta Navarra. Brilliant again in his work as bullring director, he nailed banderillas with tremendous display and left some muletazos in good style. Sergio Serrano and Damián Castaño, who finished the poster, exhibited less than the occasion required and did not go beyond the will.

An interesting fair that was commemorated in this year of the 100th anniversary of the Arènes de Céret and met with a good response from the public. While a little more than half of the capacity was covered in the bullfight, three-quarters of the entry was exceeded in the two bullfights. Loyal but demanding fans who once again justified the whole and embedded bull and the third of the staves as axes and protagonists of bullfighting.

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