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Brave Search allows you to customize and rearrange search results

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MADRID, June 23 (Portaltic/EP) –

the seeker of Pretty, Brave Search presents in its latest beta version a system that allows you to personalize, order and classify search results in order to prioritize those that are of most interest to users.

brave is a personal web browser developed by Javascript programming language inventor and Mozilla and Firefox co-creator Brendan Eich and released in November 2019.

One of the most outstanding aspects, besides the focus on privacy, is the economic rewards system for content creators and publishers called Brave Rewards, an optional system It allows users to choose which ads they want to see.

Now the company has announced a new functionality in the latest beta version of the browser, called ‘Glasses’. Corresponding Brave explained This tool “allows anyone or any community to create sets of rules and filters to narrow searches and change the order of results.”

This indicates that Brave Search allows users to prioritize the news from the media that they usually consult or that are of interest to them a custom filterto prevent information from random sources from being offered at all.

Brave has noted that any user may choose to apply a Goggle and share it in the “Goggles” ranking of Brave Search results for use by other users in the Brave community.

“This means that Brave Search can offer instead of a single ranking almost unlimited sorting optionsenabling search use cases that might be too specific for a general search engine,” the company added in the letter.

In this line, Brave has ensured that its search engine no editorial bias of its algorithm, unlike other search engines that have it “intrinsically”.

He also pointed out that this openness to search contrasts with the world’s two largest search providers, google and bing, that in your opinion “Openly manipulate their rankings because of their political leanings or other factors.

At the moment, Brave has released a series of demos or themes made for educational purposes. He made sure of that will not actively maintain or expand such ‘Goggles’ and that they will be removed once the Brave community has started creating their own.

Including ‘Goggles’, which can be accessed via the beta version, available at search.brav.comhighlight a ranking that prioritizes content found on tech blogs.

On the other hand, “1k short” restructures the results to eliminate the pages that belong to the top 1,000 most visited websites, while another of these pre-made “Goggles” allows you to exclude all results with Pinterest content.

Source europapress.es

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