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Brad Pitt proved with this look that he is an androgynous fashion expert like his daughter Shiloh

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brad pitt changing the stereotypes of menswear look after look and it is that after appearing on the red carpet with a skirt, she caught everyone’s attention for having completely left the comfort zone in this regard.

Although it earned him a lot of criticism, The actor follows the example of his eldest daughter, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, who also proved that clothes are asexual. so you don’t have to lock yourself into old rules that deprive human beings of their freedom of expression.

Now the 58-year-old actor appeared at the launch of his recent film, High-speed train, wear a suit far removed from the most conservative models, also loaded with bright colors and loose cuts.

The controversial look of Brad Pitt with which he copies his daughter, Shiloh

Concretely, the American wore a lime green suit accompanied by a turquoise V-neck t-shirt, compose an outfit as striking as it is controversial for the most closed minds.

With his audacity, the protagonist of fight club remember that masculinity does not depend on fashion and that men also have the freedom to explore with their style, without questioning their gender identity or sexual orientation.

“My policy is to remain perfectly naive,” he said on his way to the media. “I heard there were rumors, but I’m really going my way,” he added, adding that this time he was wearing pants because the night was cooler, but he didn’t. does not exclude returning to the path of skirts.

It’s not the first time that Brad Pitt has been so free in this regard, because she already did a photo shoot with a series of mini dresses for the cover of rolling stone magazine in 1999a concept that was his brainchild, according to the interview that accompanies the post.


Source metroecuador.com

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