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Brad Pitt considers wearing a skirt “a pleasure” and reveals the curious reason

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A few weeks ago, brad pitt shocked all her fans by appearing on the red carpet at the premiere of her new film, Bullet Trainwearing an outfit with a skirt, which received mixed reviews.

The entertainer was dazzled upon arriving at the event held in Berlin, Germany, and everyone in attendance was shocked by the look the entertainer chose to pose for the cameras, because it’s an unusual outfit for some men.

Pitt wore a dark brown jacket, paired with a salmon-colored shirtsunglasses and military boots, which gave the look several contrasts, not only colors, but styles.

While thousands of people showed their support for the look chosen by the artist, others criticized the use of a skirt for this event, however, he is convinced that this style brings great benefits.

“If you get anywhere with the airflow, you know, nobody of the opposite sex describes to our sex the benefits of that breeze.I say it’s glorious, a pleasure in every way,” he said in defense of his decision to wear a skirt.

Brad Pitt has no complex to wear any look

Without a doubt, the artist has shown that stereotypes in the fashion world are not important to himso you can wear any type of outfit to look and feel fabulous.

In fact, just days after the event in Germany, the entertainer traveled to London to attend the film’s premiere and was hardly asked about the controversial look, recommended that men in London wear skirts to feel cooler.

Recall that Brad Pitt is promoting his new film, in which he works with other renowned artists Brian Tyree Henry, Joey King, Bas Bunny and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Source metroecuador.com

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