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Bosch Smart Smoke Detectors: Set of 6 now on sale at tink



July 20, 2022 at 11:00 a.m.

Online retailer tink is offering discounted Bosch smart smoke and intrusion detectors in 6-packs as part of the summer sale. We perform transaction verification for you.

The Bosch Smart Home II smoke detector not only provides information on the development of smoke in the house via an app. Along with the existing Bosch system, they also offer an integrated intruder alarm. At tink, smart alert modules are now available at low cost. We have studied the Bosch offer for you.

Smoke detectors warn that smoke is growing in your four walls. But what if no one is home and a fire breaks out? This horror scenario can be curbed with the help of smart smoke detectors. Because there have been smoke detectors for a long time that can be integrated into the smart home and thus warn via app if danger is imminent.

Bosch Smart Smoke Detectors II do just that. They can be integrated into the manufacturer’s existing smart home systems and offer reliable protection on site and on the go via the app, not only when smoke develops in the house or apartment. Because users who already use the Bosch burglar alarm can integrate the smart smoke detector as a deterrent or alarm siren.

According to Bosch, false alarms are reduced thanks to dirt compensation. The supplied 3V lithium batteries provide a life of up to five years before needing to be replaced. If the alarm goes off, the smoke detector does not need to be painstakingly removed from the ceiling; a long press on the box is enough to switch off the siren. Even without integration into the Bosch Smart Home system, smoke detectors can be used as on-site alarms.

Online retailer tink provides the Bosch Smart Home II Smoke Detector in a 6-pack including 6 batteries, mounting instructions for screws or glue and installation instructions.

Bosch Smart Home Smoke Detector II 6 Pack



at tink


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  • Maximum data security according to Bosch

  • Quick setup

  • Low maintenance

  • Alarm also via app

  • Includes burglary warning

Bosch’s smart smoke detectors cost at least 79 euros per unit at online retailers, which corresponds to a total price of 474 euros when buying six units. Bosch noise detectors are currently only available in sets of 6 from tink. If you want to equip several rooms with smart smoke detectors, you won’t go wrong with the tink offer.

Tink “Works Guarantee”

tink’s “Works Warranty” is intended to ensure that the use of your purchase does not fail due to configuration or installation. If there is a problem, you will first receive written support via email and chat. If it still does not progress, consult a specialist for installation.

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The shipping cost system is particularly simple at tink: you pay no shipping costs. Unfortunately, you don’t have options for express shipping either. Deliveries are made exclusively within Austria and Germany.

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