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Borràs asks the Catalan Parliamentary Executive to act “as democratic MPs” in the face of his potential suspension


He insists he is “a victim of lawfare, of political persecution.”


The President of the Parliament, Laura Borràs, has called on the members of the Parliamentary Bureau to act “as democratic MPs who respect fundamental rights and not as judges or inquisitors” in the face of their possible suspension after the opening of a hearing. for allegedly breaking contracts while he headed the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (ILC).

“I hope, I wish and I want to believe that the members of the Executive Board will act as democratic MPs who respect fundamental rights, and not as judges or inquisitors, and make the fairest decision to the best of their knowledge and belief,” he said in one of Europe Press Collected Twitter Thread.

Borràs has again denied sharing contracts, for which he insisted on pleading his innocence, saying he was “a victim of lawfare, political persecution”.

In response to a user on the same social network, she has assured that she will not resign because, according to her, it would mean accepting what she is accused of: “Those who want me dead must kill me and theirs get hands dirty. I came to gain independence, not to commit suicide for autonomy”.


Borràs has claimed that “however, fractionation is not a crime but an administrative irregularity, not a criminal proceeding” and has defended that his case does not correspond to the purpose of the article of Parliament’s Rules of Procedure, which provides for the preventive suspension of MPs.

“The purpose of the article was the preventive suspension of MPs accused of crimes related to lucrative corruption, ie embezzlement, who have already fallen out of business,” he warned, adding that no harm had been done to management.

The Speaker of Parliament has criticized the start of the inquiry – which she describes as irregular as she believes it is seminal – and the handling of the petition in Congress, saying she learned about the justice information from the press.


Source europapress.es

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