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Boos to Joachim Llambi: “Did you lose yesterday in the bingo of the residence?”

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This time, Kathrin Menzinger was caught on the Corona carousel of this year’s “Let’s Dance” (RTL) season. The game of celebrity and professional change does not only affect René Casselly’s lifting figures: in the end, two couples had to leave, and Joachim Llambi, who was as ruthless as he was punished with boos, gave up his seat on the jury in short warning.

In the end, the “King of Kelle” (Daniel Hartwich) sat in an inverted box, a foot or so below fellow show guest Guido Cantz, who had recently announced his late-night show by passing the decision envelopes. The fact that Joachim Llambi has voluntarily given up his place on the jury may have something to do with respect for his colleague, or with the really unlucky figure he gave that night. Audience, dancers, moderators, fellow jurors: they had all turned against him.

No doubt part of it may be due to a certain weariness in light of the increasingly confusing constellations of partners and infections of this year’s “Let’s Dance” season. In 2022, new couples will form again and again on the RTL dance show, drop out, come back and dance with short-term replacements. This time, professional dancer Kathrin Menzinger tested positive. Just one day before the dress rehearsal, “Let’s Dance” partner Regina Luca took over the rumba choreography she had developed and let circus performer and “Ninja Warrior” René Casselly, who was completely unknown to her, stretch it into the air in many spectacular ways. “It can lead to life-threatening situations,” said the DSDS star’s cousin, Ramon Roselly, but “who has, who has and who can, can,” as Joachim Llambi likes to say, in this case a Trusted pro Regina Luca, who led her protégé to 26 points after just a few hours of training.

By Joachim Llambi already as

By Joachim Llambi already as

“You should get Corona every week!”

Everything else was collected in the fourth edition of “Let’s Dace” which, according to Hartwich, “has rank, name and antibodies”. Timur Ülker and Malika Dzumaev, newly recovered and finally reunited, conjured up a surprisingly impressive tango on the floor. “You ate them and you ate them,” said Motsi Mabuse, who wasn’t particularly passionate about the actor (Ülker: “Actually, I’m more of the sensitive type”). Jorge González was also amazed: “What did you do during the break? You should get Corona every week!”

“Let’s Dance”: escape from reality

In addition to Ülker’s “brave” tango, the jury also saw increases in previously healthy celebrities. “Hot, Hotter, Amira” Pocher danced a swing with Massimo Sinató. And Mike Singer received standing ovations for his Viennese Waltz with Christina Luft – at least from the audience: Jury foreman Joachim Llambi blasphemed: “You didn’t have any pressure. You have to attack! It seemed like you were the only Undertaker in Cologne. That’s where I fell asleep.” When he later took out the palette with the “3”, there were boos for the first time, to which the moderator Daniel Hartwich also joined: “Sorry, I did not participate: boo!”

Actress Sarah Mangione danced at the higher end of the scale. She was awarded the maximum 30 points for her impressive contemporary with Vadim Garbuzov, and Janin Ullmann and Matthias Mester were also able to further expand their leading positions that night.

According to Joachim Llambi, Riccardo Basile and Isabel Edvardsson put

According to Joachim Llambi, Riccardo Basile and Isabel Edvardsson put

“Are you a god of dance? No!”

When the pop singer Michelle Jive, Motsi Mabuse observed a clear “change of energy”, in a way also with the seasonal clown Bastian Bielendorfer. “It’s the dance that suits you best,” she commented on Charleston’s slapstick number for Pinky and the Brain Theme. However, when Mr. Llambi shook his head again, words were missing and it was only enough for a miserable point, Bielendorfer couldn’t help himself: “Come on, did you lose the bingo at the retirement home yesterday?” against the decision of the jury. “There’s a boo from me too!” chimed in host Victoria Swarovski.

Next Corona case in “Let’s Dance”

Motsi Mabuse finally broke out after Llambi had also harshly attacked sports reporter Riccardo Basile and Isabel Edvardsson and missed his unconditional “want”: “We are not talking about professional people here! We are talking about people who have never done it and then hit the dance floor. Are you a dancing god? No. But this is an entertainment show. We’ll see the rest next week. Thank you!”

Bastian Bielendorfer and Ekaterina Leonova only got a measly point from Llambi.  (Image: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius)

Bastian Bielendorfer and Ekaterina Leonova only got a measly point from Llambi. (Image: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius)

Finally (or didn’t they?) two attractive, friendly and very discreet participants lost their place in “Let’s Dance” that night: in the final nail-biting party, the deselection fell on the princess, who had been shaken several times leaving , return, changing partners and being infected by Sayn Wittgenstein and Riccardo Basile, whom Llambi described as the complete opposite of himself when he said goodbye: “A good guy, only the bite is missing.”

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