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Bolsonaro congratulates the police operation in a favela in Rio de Janeiro, in which 18 people died

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Friday congratulated police on their crackdown on Thursday’s organized crime operation in a favela in Rio de Janeiro that left 18 people dead.

A 50-year-old woman, a military policeman and “16 criminals” were killed, according to Brazilian Civil Police spokesman Ivan Blaz, in statements collected by “O Globo”.

After the operation, which was one of the deadliest in the Brazilian capital, the police were criticized by the dead woman’s relatives for the “disproportionate use” of force.

However, Bolsonaro has refused to offer solidarity to the victims of the operation in the Alemao favela complex in the north of the Brazilian capital, and has only lamented the death of the police officer, whom he has dubbed ‘paratrooper brother ‘Folha de S.Paulo’ reported.

“I will not go into details about this mother, she is innocent (…). If I will call all the relatives of those who die every day, I… That fact had implications, he is a paratrooper, he is my brother and it’s over. Congratulations to the military police,” he added.

Asked if he was in solidarity with the rest of the victims, Bolsonaro said, “You are in solidarity with these people, okay?” the Brazilian president said in statements collected by Correio Braziliense.

According to the version of the neighbors and police witnesses collected by the above newspaper, the “massacre” would have been motivated in retaliation for the death of the police agent, who would have been wounded by a gunshot at the beginning of the operation.

Brazilian plainclothes police tried to break up a group of vehicle thieves who were “heavily armed”. The commander of the Police Special Operations Battalion, UirĂ¡ Nascimento, has claimed that the operation was “necessary” as intelligence data indicated the gang could be moving around and committing criminal acts in the city, such as invading other favelas and the Bank robbery.

Thursday’s intervention is one of the deadliest in the Brazilian capital. According to Folha De S. Paulo, the deadliest operation in the state of Rio de Janeiro took place in the Jacarezinho favela in May 2021, killing 28 people, including a plainclothes police officer.

Source europapress.es

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