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Bolaños accuses Feijóo of apologizing in Delgado to block the CGPJ and after his resignation says it’s “more of the same”.

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The Minister for the Presidency and Relations with the Courts, Félix Bolaños, this Thursday accused opposition leader Alberto Núñez Feijóo of apologizing to former Attorney General Dolores Delgado for not renewing the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ). and now that he has resigned due to ill health, he says that “it’s more like that”.

“Yes, the position of the PP catches my attention, because last Sunday there was an interview with Feijóo, who said that it is impossible for us to reach an agreement on the General Council of the Judiciary because everything is prevented by the Attorney General. Two days later, Dolores Delgado resigns for health reasons and says nothing has changed, it’s more the same,” he explained in an interview with Radio Nacional collected by Europa Press.

Bolaños sees the PP’s attitude as a “lack of recognition of the electoral defeat” and has described Feijóo as an “encyclopedia of excuses”. “There is no Attorney General they like except that he is appointed by the PP,” he insisted, while stressing that they are only asked to obey the law.

Regarding the appointment of the new Attorney General Álvaro García Ortiz, who has to ratify the CGPJ today, he hopes that “it is logical to say that the appointment is appropriate”. “It meets the requirements laid down by law and, in my opinion, will go no further,” added the minister, who assured that the Attorney General was “absolutely impeccable”.

Bolaños has not commented on Delgado’s future and in particular on the possibility of becoming prosecutor for the Chamber of Democratic Memory. Of course, he lamented the “heavy criticism” he received during his tenure, adding that he should continue his work within the prosecutor’s office “where appropriate” and within the limits of his health.

Finally, referring to the renewal of the judges of the Constitutional Court, he recalled that the CGPJ has until September 13 to appoint the two that correspond to them by quota. “We will go through tough stages and I hope that the members of the CGPJ will abide by the law,” he condemned.

Source europapress.es

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