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Bluehole Releases Industry Statement on EU TPD Compliance by China’s First Enterprise Risk Assessment Laboratory

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SHENZHEN, CHINA-March 14, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–China’s leading vaping outlet Bluehole New Consumption today released an industry statement on compliance with the EU Tobacco Products Directive by the first risk assessment laboratory Chinese corporate.

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SMOORE, a leading global provider of vaping technology solutions, today announced an industry-leading EU Tobacco Products Directive (EU-TPD) compliance risk assessment laboratory, making SMOORE the China’s first company to which you can provide vaping products with a comprehensive TPD. risk assessment service. As part of SMOORE’s basic research center, the lab will be a hub to enable vaping brands to meet EU TPD safety standards and thus meet EU vaping market entry requirements. EU.

The lab started operations in the first half of 2021 and has already completed 52 product tests for several of the world’s leading vape brands. As China’s first TPD-compliant risk assessment enterprise lab, it can produce test reports within 5 business days. Their lab equipment rivals that of world-class analytics labs like Labstat and Enthalpy.

The TPD, which came into force in 2014, is a uniform guideline for tobacco regulations in the 27 EU member states. It contains rules on the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, in the EU. For quality control and protection of public health, the TPD establishes specific safety requirements for the ingredients of electronic cigarettes, such as the concentration of nicotine, heavy metals, carbonyl, aldehydes and ketones, for products that can be marketed in the European Union.

As the second largest market for vaping products after North America, Europe includes 16.74 million adult e-cigarette smokers in 2022, representing a market volume of USD 5.58 billion (ECigIntelligence). In addition, the regional vaping market is anticipated to reach a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.17% over the next 6 years.

While only one e-cigarette (Vuse Solo) has been approved by the US FDA through the premarket tobacco product application (PMTA) route to date, more and more vape brands are targeting the European market given the relatively benign regulatory landscape and significant market potential. .

As a benchmark for harm reduction and quality, SMOORE complies with its SMOORE 3.0 internal security standards. Based on the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and PMTA risk assessment, SMOORE 3.0 provides all PMTA tests for vapor safety and HPHC (Harmful or Potentially Harmful Components) listed by the FDA. In addition to steam safety, SMOORE 3.0 also includes the study of extractables and leachables from spray-dried materials in medical applications.

The SMOORE Basic Research Center has developed a comprehensive analytical testing and risk assessment system that encompasses non-clinical PMTA testing and health risk assessment. In 2019, it was accredited by China National Conformity Assessment Accreditation Service (CNAS) and is now capable of up to 149 CNAS tests, including chemical analysis of e-liquids and aerosols, electrical safety, material safety and battery safety. tests

Since FEELM, SMOORE’s flagship atomization technology brand, entered the EU market in 2018, SMOORE has partnered with several leading vape brands in this region, including Vuse, HEXA, Innocigs, and Alfapod. To date, FEELM technologies vaping products have been exported to Belgium, the Netherlands, Estonia, and Romania and are leaders in the UK, Germany, and France.

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