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“Black Phone”: The bogeyman is measured by his fears

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Stephen King has gifted black phonethe new film by the director of Emily Rose’s exorcism (2005), Scott Derrickson, a priceless promotional statement: “This film is Count on me in Hell”. Without detracting from the achievements of this film, touched by the magic wand of a dark and frightening one Déjà-vu As a youngster, King’s enthusiasm should be nuanced. black phone is an adaptation of one of the stories in the book written by his son Joe Hill Ghosts of the 20th Century (2004). A short story where the genre of ghosts and bogeys meets a desperate tale of underground survival.

It’s also a story of orphanage and friendship, in this fraternal case where broken children face evil. With the ubiquitous filter of seventies nostalgia and Super 8 home movies, Derrickson, who played with these textures in his previous film, Creepy (2012), returns to terror after a decade and a bumpy stint at the Marvel factory. led the first dr strange (2016), but two years ago the recent sequel, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

This return to basics is also the Denver director’s return to his homeland and to 1978 (he is 55 years old) to show how a teenage serial killer (Ethan Hawke reiterates with Derrickson a decade later Creepy), always hidden under a satyr clown mask, haunts an unassuming neighborhood. A kind of minotaur that eats poor children and walks around with a van full of black balloons. In his sadistic murderous wit, he is reminiscent of another Stephen King classic, Article. The reference salad is not exhausted and although Freddy Krueger’s shadow is long, black phonewhich sometimes resembles stranger things but gone through the bad roll X, the latest from Ti West, is both youthful and mature, somber and hopeful.

Derrickson skews his film towards the paranormal when the film’s protagonist, played by a languid and sad Mason Thames, is imprisoned in the killer’s basement. Oppressive, with plenty of rhythm and some good scares, the film grows within the four walls of this infernal and armored space, ending in an original David vs. Goliath in suburban Colorado. The two brothers – the girl Madeleine McGraw is another of the cast’s successes – are a Hansel and Gretel sort of thing, united by the loss of their mother, their father’s alcoholism and their sister’s mental powers. With such baggage, Derrickson navigates a forest of missing children and anxieties associated with a dysfunctional society that sweeps its garbage under the rug. That dirty, soundproof basement that scares us so much.


Address: Scott Derickson.

Interpreter: Ethan Hawke, Mason Thames, Madeleine McGraw, Jeremy Davies.

Gender: Terror. United States, 2021.

Duration: 102 minutes.

Premiere: June 24.

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