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BKA: 9000 politically motivated crimes related to Corona

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Berlin (dpa) – According to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), the authorities in Germany recorded around 9,000 politically motivated crimes related to the coronavirus last year. The president of BKA, Holger Münch, told the editorial network of Germany (RND).

“Obviously a large part of this movement is less concerned with individual corona measures than with the question of whether this democratic constitutional state is the right system,” he said.

Asked if the situation would ease when the pandemic was over, Münch was quoted as saying by RND: “We assume that these people will look for a new field; for example, issues like climate change would be conceivable, depending on restrictions or cost increases.” will associate with it.” According to him, the BKA assumes “that we will continue to experience new highs in politically motivated criminality in the face of new societal challenges.”

A few weeks ago it became known that politically motivated crimes had reached their highest level since the annual statistics were introduced in 2001. In addition, a record number of politically motivated crimes were registered that could not be ascribed even to the spectrum of the right neither the one on the left nor any other known phenomenon. According to the security authorities, the heated social climate in the corona pandemic plays a key role here.

Increase in crimes against people of Russian and Ukrainian descent

In the context of the Ukraine war, the BKA in Germany also recently recorded hundreds of crimes against Russia or Ukraine. “There are crimes against both Russian-born and Ukrainian-born members of our society,” Münch told RND. “We are currently counting a good 200 such crimes a week, most of which are against Russia.” These crimes ranged from insults and threats to physical assaults. “It’s also about property damage, like painting graffiti with the right content.”

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