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Bitcoin: Steve Wozniak loves at $100,000

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Bitcoin: Steve Wozniak loves at $100,000

Bitcoin returns to the charge. In fact, the asset leaves behind the worst of this year, with already considerable gains in the last week that also place it with advances so far this month, after the strong volatility and uncertainty marked by Russia’s war against Ukraine. An event that also continues to generate news surrounding cryptocurrency.

On the one hand, in the field of donations, since it has become the crypto par excellence. When the war began from the Ukrainian government, two cryptographic wallets will be followed to donate directly in favor of the country before the invasion and they reached, just four days after the beginning, more than 10.2 million dollars.

Since then, according to France24, more than 100 million dollars in cryptocurrencies have been raised and highlights that the so-called “Cryptographic Fund for Ukraine” directed by Michael Chobanian, the founder of the Kuna country’s crypto exchange, already represents 60% of the total donations made. Initially there were two funds, one of a humanitarian nature and the other to support the army, but they have since been merged.

In addition, the president of Ukraine Volodimir Zelensky has enacted a law officially legalizing cryptocurrencies in the country during the past week. With this new regulation, international crypto exchanges are authorized to operate legally in the country, which is considered an essential step to develop an authorized market for crypto assets, which will also create a regulatory framework for virtual money

Tweet about the new cryptocurrency law in Ukraine

Tweet about the new cryptocurrency law in Ukraine

In September of last year, a first bill was approved in the Ukrainian parliament with a general vote in favor of it. The new regulations that regulate the cryptoactive market It also establishes the infractions and legal protections against fraud in this matter.

Beyond that, Bitcoin abandons the extreme fear that has accompanied it for part of the week, to place yourself in the moment of fear, in your index of fear and greed. The spirits and the investor appetite in the market improve, so that in the last week the advance reaches 9.36% and short annual falls that barely exceed the digital double, with a loss of 10.68%. In the month the advance is 7.58% while in the semester the cuts reach 6.46%.

Bitcoin in annual value price

Bitcoin annual value price

The latest to come to his defense these days is the co-founder with Steve Jobs of Apple. Steve Wozniak considers that the interest in cryptocurrencies is very high and expects the price of Bitcoin reaches $100,000. Although he acknowledges that his predictions are not based on any mathematical formula, but are based on the investor appetite that is reflected in the cryptocurrency. For an asset that, on other occasions, Wozniak has pointed out, in the specific case of this virtual currency, which is mathematically pure.

Who does not know where the price of Bitcoin will be placed at the end of the year is Greg Beard, former Apollo Global Management who has since focused on crypto assets. Speaking to Fortune magazine, Beard highlights that if someone is “a fundamental investor, they must believe in Bitcoin as a store of value, which should be worth multiples of its current price five years from now, I would even say at least five times its current value. ”. That would put the prize in the spring of 2027 at least $200,000 for Bitcoin.

Notes that momentum builds in Bitcoin as both funds and individuals considering the asset as an ideal strength to protect against a dollar devastated by the inflation effect.

Regarding the technical indicators that they elaborate on Bitcóin Investment Strategies, we see that it has changed to rebound mode with an improvement of half a point that places you in the 3 total points of the 10 possible for the asset. Downtrend in the long term, but bullish in the medium, total momentum, slow and fast negative, Declining turnover in the medium and long term, while volatility is declining in the medium and long term.

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