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Biden’s Supreme Court nominee under questioning

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Judges’ hearings before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee are anything but straightforward. When Ketanji Brown Jackson, US President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, responds to senators’ questions this week, she only scratches the surface of her professional qualifications. Both parties are much more trying to get something out for their own political gain.

With the appointment of the first black woman to the Supreme Court in its 233 years of existence, the Democrats want to set another milestone for greater equality, and be celebrated for it alone. With Brown Jackson set to replace liberal Justice Stephen Breyer, who announced his resignation in January, the conservative majority of six to three justices on the US Supreme Court will remain unchanged.

Republicans say Democrats are too lenient on criminals

Republicans, on the other hand, have already attempted to portray the “KBJ” nomination as politically motivated and devalue her as a “quota woman.” They also want to take the 51-year-old as evidence that Democrats are too understanding of criminals.

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To do this, they will talk about her work as a public defender, where she often represented clients in cases that other lawyers did not want to take on. Some Republicans also criticize that she defended Guantánamo prisoners.

Mitch McConnell, the wily Republican Senate Minority Leader, has taken the line: “In the midst of rising crime across the country,” Biden is “deliberately” working to make the entire federal justice system lenient. with crime.

Unfinished business after the Brett Kavanaugh hearings

A reproach that Americans will often hear before the legislative elections in November. Hardline conservatives with White House ambitions are also expected to fight their way through the candidate: Senators Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton, for example. They could disprove their party’s announcements that they would not launch a smear campaign, as Democrats charged when conservative constitutional judge Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed in 2018.

Several women had accused Donald Trump’s judge candidate of sexual assault. The then Republican majority in the Senate confirmed it anyway.

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The first day of the hearing showed that some conservatives still have a score to settle after the tumultuous Kavanaugh hearings. Senators made that clear several times in their remarks on Monday.

Republicans can’t stop confirmation

For example, Ted Cruz said: “This is not going to be a political circus. No one is going to ask you about your dating behavior as a teenager,” the Texas senator said. “No one is going to ask you with mock seriousness, ‘Do you like beer?'”

Republicans, unable to prevent Brown Jackson’s confirmation, at least want to remind voters of what happened then. Many observers are certain that Democrats suffered losses in the 2018 congressional elections as a result. For Republicans, what they saw as exaggerated or false accusations was helpful in mobilizing their supporters.

Biden calls his candidate one of the ‘smartest lawyers’ in the country

Technically, KBJ is undisputed. Biden calls the Washington DC Court of Appeals judge, who studied at the elite Harvard university, one of the “smartest lawyers” in the country.

Even moderate Republicans like Susan Collins praise his “impressive” credentials. The Democrats don’t really need the Republican vote if Vice President Kamala Harris votes with them. But it would be the first time that a Chief Justice has been confirmed in this way.

On the second day of the Judiciary Committee, Brown Jackson stressed his independence and impartiality. “I don’t think anybody can look at my record and say it’s pointing one way or another, supporting one point of view or another,” Jackson said Tuesday.

Her experience shows that she is an independent and impartial lawyer. “When I receive a case, the first step is to make sure that I am proceeding from a position of neutrality.”

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