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Biden walks away from the “linguistic slip”: I did not ask for a regime change in Russia

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US President Joe Biden said on Sunday that he did not call for regime change in Russia.

On Friday, US President Joe Biden called on the world to prepare for a protracted battle in Ukraine, signaling that Russian President Vladimir Putin could not remain in power.

The American president said from the royal castle in the Polish capital Warsaw: Russia will not be among the twenty most powerful countries in the future because of the war in Ukraine, the cost of sanctions is the only way that will push the Russians to change their position. Getting closer.

Biden described the conflict in Ukraine as Russia’s “strategic failure” and stressed that the Russian people “are not our enemy.”

He continued: “There is no doubt that this war has become a strategic failure for Russia, targeting the Russian people.”

He noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin cannot stay in power, and his war against Ukraine is a strategic failure for Moscow, and “this man cannot stay in power.”

Before the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war on February 24, Moscow always declared its right to defend its security and eliminate those it called “Nazis”, at the insistence of kyiv and its allies in the West to include it in the Treaty Organization of the North Atlantic “NATO”, which wants to expand in the east, which means establishing military bases near its borders.

Russia also said its military operation was to defend the Donetsk and Luhansk republics in eastern Ukraine from “genocide” perpetrated by kyiv against the two regions that declared independence from kyiv and were recently recognized by Moscow.

In his speech at the opening of the military operation, Putin announced that his country will not allow Ukraine to acquire nuclear weapons, and does not plan to occupy it, but “it is important that all peoples of Ukraine enjoy the right to self-determination.” stressing that “Russia’s actions are not linked to an infringement of Ukraine’s interests, but to protecting Ukraine’s interests. She is one of those who took Ukraine hostage.”

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