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Biden in the city of chefs. Will the Polish “Rzesso” fix the West’s papers?

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A Polish city near the Ukrainian border chosen by the US president as the destination from which the firm Western position against the Russian war emerges.

Rzesso; The city in southeastern Poland, and the country’s 19th largest city in eastern Europe, is President Joe Biden’s second stop from the Belgian capital, Brussels, on an emergency European tour imposed by the conflict. between Moscow and kyiv.

Earlier, the White House announced that US President Joe Biden will visit the Polish city of Rzesso, located 80 km from the border with Ukraine, on Friday.

In a statement, the US presidency said that Biden will be received by his Polish counterpart, Andrzej Duda, and will be briefed on the progress of relief operations for refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine, and will also meet with military personnel. American deployed in the eastern wing of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Biden is not the first US official to visit the Polish city since the war broke out in late February, but he was preceded by his secretary of state, Anthony Blinken, who landed there on March 5 to show Washington’s support for the wing East NATO.

laughter full of people

According to UN estimates, Rzeszow has a population of around 195,000 and is the most populous city in southeastern Poland and the 19th largest in the country.

A hospitable city for more than 7 centuries.

Since mid-1354, the date of its creation, Rzesso has become a meeting point for the European cultures of the Byzantine East and the Western Mediterranean, and a meeting point for travelers from southern and northern Europe.

A combination that gives the city a charm that is born from a mixture of modernity, dynamism and its ancient heritage that manifests itself from its door. There, kilometers from the city center, specifically at the “Rzeszow-Jasunka” airport, the characteristics of a modern appear cities with a characteristic heritage.

Modern runways celebrate the planes of Polish and foreign airlines providing domestic and international links.

The city’s historic district is confined to the immediate vicinity of the medieval Place de Marche, Rzesso boasts old bourgeois houses and Art Nouveau villas, and in the middle of the central market stands a monument to the glory of the “father” of Polish uprising of 1794, Tadeusz Kosciuszko. .

The Ethnographic Museum “Rinec 6” presents typical costumes, carved wood and some temporary exhibitions.

east wing

Last February, hundreds of US paratroopers arrived at the Rzesso airport in Poland, as part of the deployment of a few thousand troops to reinforce NATO’s eastern flank, days before the start of the war.

At the time, soldiers were seen disembarking from two Boeing C-17 military transport planes and aboard buses at the airport, located about 100 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

Other soldiers were seen flying to and fro in Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters, as well as armored vehicles, military trucks, shipping containers and dozens of other soldiers in a camp set up in and around a conference center across from the airport terminal. airport.

At the time, Washington said it planned to temporarily deploy a total of 4,700 additional troops to NATO and European Union member Poland in response to Russian reinforcements at the time on Ukraine’s borders.

With his next visit, Biden hopes to show the unity of the West by confronting Russia. Will he succeed?

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