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BGH ruling: restaurateurs not entitled to compensation for corona lockouts

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FDP suggests a study on the corona status of the Berlin population

The FDP in the House of Representatives suggests a representative study on the corona status of the population of Berlin. Such scientific survey be important as Basis for possible new corona measures in autumn or winter, said FDP health expert Florian Kluckert of the German Press Agency. The Senate must take action here: “There must not be a third fall in a row with blind activism and without valid data and facts for the population.”

In order to adequately predict the course of the infection and the consequent risk of overloading the health system, it is necessary to know how widespread SARS-CoV-2 is already in the population of Berlin, says in a FDP motion for the next session of the House of Representatives. “This can be done with a representative study of the immune status of the population To be reached. This is the only way to properly estimate the extent to which a possible additional wave of SARS-CoV-2 could hit Berlin in the fall.”

Based on these numbers, Measures taken to protect vulnerable groups Will, “without again restricting the rights of the entire population of Berlin for months”, according to the FPD. Vulnerable groups, that is, particularly at risk, include people who are elderly or have a wide variety of diseases, as well as people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons.

“The population of Berlin has already had to live with measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus for two years. Restrictions were introduced, abolished and reintroduced,” says Kluckert. “They only reacted to figures like the seven-day incidence or the hospitalization rate. Vaccination rates are recorded, but they are not significant enough with respect to the risk of infection.A larger database is needed for the future. (dpa)

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