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Beyoncé’s Kids Look Like Her and Have Her Style: Photos of Blue, Rumi and Sir to Prove It

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Beyonce is one of the most successful singers of all time, who recently caused a revolution with her new album Renaissance after three years away from music.

But, the famous is not only a great singer and businesswoman with her clothing brandShe is also the best mom.

And it is that the singer has three son Blue, 10, and twins Rumi and Sir, 5, that she had with her husband, also a singer Jay Z.

Here’s What Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Three Kids Look Like

Recently, Beyonce that her most real side is seen as a mother, in a photo that surprised everyone from his album.

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In the image appears the celebrity lying with her three children, who are sleeping, and you can see how much they have grown and what a bit like her.

But it’s not the only time Beyoncé showed them off, even the little ones served as models for her clothing brand, posing next to her, and showing that they have their great style at a young age.

The famous posed with her daughters Bleu and Rumi with combined looks, revealing how beautiful they are.

Without a doubt, the little ones have inherited his great style, and they love to wear it. the clothes her mother designs, wearing braids or leaving her natural curls.

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weeks ago, Blue surprised with a stylish look, with a leather jacket and sweatpants, and left her hair natural, showing off her curls and showing how much she looks like her mother.

Her son Sir, is a little idol at 5 years old, and also models Beyoncé’s clothes, from sports jackets and pants to hats.

No doubt everyone is identical to her, and at their young ages they already enjoy great style, and one could not expect less from the children of the “queen of fashion”.

Source metroecuador.com

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