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Between war and influencers: Sarah Connor can’t take it anymore

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Between war and influencers
Sarah Connor can hardly take it anymore

Singer Sarah Connor is the mother of four children. But that is not the only reason she is particularly worried about the war in Ukraine. She can hardly bear the fact that many things in this country seem to “go her own way” of her. In an emotional post, she vents.

Sarah Connor was not only very worried about the war in the Ukraine. At the same time, she also criticizes influencers who post carelessly.

The 41-year-old singer writes in a post she posted on Facebook and Instagram that she finds it difficult to find the right words for events in Ukraine. “The images of the dead, of those on the run, the thoughts, the fears that wake up that rob you of sleep. All of that is so numbing,” says Connor.

It’s weird for him to see other people’s bikini photos or promotional posts these days, the musician adds. “Like everything goes on,” Connor begins to ponder. The simultaneity of things is almost unbearable.

Numerous likes

Connor’s contribution, in which he posted a thoughtful photo, received a lot of approval from fans. After just a few hours, tens of thousands had “liked” it.

Meanwhile, Connor also sees an opportunity for change in current developments. There must be a higher purpose for which all this is happening, he explains. She is amazed at “the sudden funds that can be moved for armaments, and the screws that are being turned so that we can now become independent of Putin’s gas as quickly as possible.”

“What should I tell my children?”

Connor sums it up: “So all of this is possible. If the moral doubts are big enough, it’s up to us. So if there’s anything to be learned from this terrible situation that we’re in right now in Europe, then yes, that big changes are possible.”

He thinks about the upcoming soccer World Cup in Qatar and wonders if it’s still justifiable, Connor continues. “In a country that tramples on human rights and especially women’s rights? What should I tell my children? The answers are complicated, and then they are not.”

Sarah Connor, whose real name is Sarah Lewe, has four children from two different relationships. A son and a daughter come from her previous marriage to fellow musician Marc Terenzi. She is now in a relationship with her manager Florian Fischer. She with him she also had a girl and a boy.

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