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Best storage hacks for small flats – great ideas for small spaces

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Whether you rent or own, living in a big city comes with its own unique set of challenges, not in the smallest of space.

While there’s nothing we love more than looking at upbeat closet rental ads masquerading as modern studios, the truth of living in a city as grand as London is that there’s never enough space. Data shows that searches for “small apartment storage hacks” have increased 129% in the last 12 months, so if you’re looking for creative ways to declutter, you’re not alone.

Organization – one drawer at a time

There are two types of people: the hyper-organized Pinterest perfect people who have the time, or a well-paid team, to tag everything in their pantry (see: Khloe Kardashian) vs. the poor with busy lives, living minute by minute among the chaos. The truth is that the extreme organization we see on social media is unattainable and requires a lot of time and effort to make it look flawless. So where to start?

It’s all about baby steps, says Vicky Silverthron, a professional organizer and author who has categorized the closets of high-profile clients like Lily Allen. “Instead of looking at her home as something that needs to be organized as a whole, she starts small, like with her sock drawer. It doesn’t take long to get organized, and the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel from clearing out a small space will motivate you to tidy up another drawer or cabinet when you have time. Pull back and after a couple of weeks you’ll see how far you’ve come.” Once an area starts to look organized, I’m more likely to keep it that way. Vicky agrees, “clutter breeds clutter.”

dual use furniture

In addition to introducing a storage system in small houses, “multifunctional living is key. It is about doubling the use of a room”, reveals Vicky.

Take your guest bedroom, for example. Getting a pull down bed like a Murphy design means you have a place for guests to sleep, but it can be folded up most of the time leaving the space free to use as a kids play room or study without having to work around it. a condition

Instead of a plain old coffee table, get one that can be extended into a full-size desk or dining table. Similarly, opt for a dresser with storage instead of a simple table. Add one that will also work for your nightstand and you’ve tripled your space.

With a few clever pieces of homeware, you can create a little more breathing room. Whether you’re renting, in a share house, or living alone, there are all sorts of clever ways to maximize your square footage to make it feel positively palatial.

We’ve rounded up the best space-saving storage ideas for tiny homes below.

Shop our favorites now

Lechi Coat Towel Hook

Is there no space for a coat closet in the hallway, or does the bathroom lack space for towels? Nail this three-arm gold swivel hook into the smallest of wall spaces and shake up storage seemingly out of nowhere. It is ideal for hanging anywhere you need a little more space, from the kitchen to the garage, from the bedroom to the bathroom. Use wall studs to minimize damage to surfaces.

Buy Now £12.99, Amazon

Nordlux Grant wall light, brass

Lighting is key in any space, big or small, but if you need space, clear end tables and other surfaces of bulky lamps by installing them on the walls. You’ll get the same soft ambient glow without the mess. Nordlux’s spherical wall light looks like something straight out of a hotel and will add instant glamor next to bathroom cabinets, above beds, and above framed artwork in your space.

As with all John Lewis electrical products, it comes with a two-year warranty.

Buy Now £45.00, John Lewis

Click Clack Sofa Bed with Storage by MADE, Cygnet Gray Fabric

Turn your one-bed flat into a two-bed with a nifty three-seater sofa bed that not only gives you another sleeping space, but also offers ample storage for extra duvets and pillows underneath. The shade of gray might not be to everyone’s taste, but you can always brighten it up with a colorful blanket and some eye-catching cushions – function is what matters the most here. A good investment that you will be glad you made.

Buy Now £575.00, DONE

Hampton Wall Mounted Folding Kitchen Table

Few London flats have the luxury of a room dedicated to dining. Most of us settle for a corner of the kitchen or living room for eating, but if your home is particularly small, filling it with a dining table is a shame. the answer? One that folds right out of the wall, giving you a surface when you need it and space when you don’t. This design touches on the cottage aesthetic with oak effect paneling and brass metal accents.

Buy Now £169.00, JD Williams

Dripex Storage Cart

Make no mistake, in the world of interiors we are living in the era of the bar cart. As fun as it seems to be serving cocktails at happy hour in your living room every night, it’s a luxury few small-home owners can afford. Until now.

This clever cart has three shelves to fill with your favorite bottles and is easy to move around at your next house party thanks to the rolling wheels and handle. the best part It folds up when not in use, tucking behind sofas, in cabinets, or in that empty space between the fridge and the counter. Absolute genius.

Also available in blue, pink and white.

Buy Now £39.99, Amazon

SPACEKEEPER Storage Cart 3 Tier Slim Storage Cart

Speaking of that empty space next to the refrigerator, there are also other ways to make the most of this space.

A telescoping rollout cart can serve as a fantastic pantry, giving you space to store spices, oils, condiments, and more. Alternatively, it’s useful in the bathroom for displaying products, as well as in the living room to keep your remote, snacks, and other marathon essentials close at hand. Measurements: 13 x 61 x 40 cm.

Buy Now £19.99, Amazon

Spinningfield VonHaus Black & Cane Briefs

A beautiful set of trunks for all your unsightly junk, in the in vogue rattan that has been at the top of the list of interior trends for years. Use the spacious interiors to store blankets, sheets, moments and more. We like the idea of ​​stacking them on top of each other to form a stylish nightstand, adding even more to its functionality.

We’ve also been struck by this classic houndstooth print trunk, £69.99.

Buy now £129.99, VonHaus

H&M rattan basket

Little space? Frankly, who isn’t when he lives in London? A small but no less stylish storage option, H&M’s wicker basket comes with two handles for easy carrying and is lined with contrasting black or beige accents. Storage you’ll want to show off.

Measures D35 x H28cm.

Shop now £34.99, H&M

Safina Striped Top Ottoman Storage Bench in Baby Pink Velvet

Score instant style points with this stylish blush blanket box that also doubles as a bench or footstool. With grooved wooden legs, there’s plenty of room to store everything from out-of-season clothing to extra towels and bedding.

Measures W130 x D45.5 x H48.5cm.

Buy Now £139.97, Furniture123

Steam Trunk The Cambridge Satchel Company

Best known for its crossbody body bags, The Cambridge Satchel Company also offers plenty of smart storage solutions on its website. This dark green hinged trunk reminds us of the huge boxes bands use on tour. It comes with two snap closures and a padlock and key to keep your stuff safe, and it’s about as rock and roll as it gets. Available in a selection of colors.

Buy Now £295.00, Cambridge Satchel

Brabantia Folding Dish Drying Rack, Large – Dark Gray

Once you start thinking about storage, you start to find opportunities to maximize space everywhere. Even the side of the kitchen sink can get more work done with a little help from home solutions company Brabantia. This dish rack offers multiple layers and spaces to dry crockery, cutlery, and glasses with a matching drying mat underneath that also increases countertop space. It folds flat, so you can keep it out of sight until you need it.

Buy Now £52.99, Robert Dyas

Brabantia Set of 4 Tasty+ Square Stackable Food Canisters

Inspired by Khloe Kardashian’s OTT and extremely organized pantry? Join the club While we’re not entirely convinced of the need to separate croutons by flavor into special jars, you can bring consistency and order to your kitchen cabinets by using containers. Decant flour for baking, candy, pasta, rice and more for that Instagram-worthy aesthetic.

There’s just one rule: stick to square jars instead of the trendy round Kilner type, as this will make the most of your space. Oh, and Brabantia’s square jars are not only airtight and sturdy, but also stackable. To earn.

Buy Now £36.75, Amazon

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