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Berlin students send this clear signal

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Schools all over Berlin are getting involved and sending clear messages: Peace! Recently, the students of the great Bertolt Brecht School showed all their posters in the schoolyard: see here.

Now, 900 students from the popular Martin Buber secondary school in the Falkenhagener Feld gathered on the sports field and formed a large peace sign. And that’s not all: the best musicians of these music-oriented schoolchildren give a special concert and raise money for Ukraine, the school’s director tells the Spandau de Tagesspiegel newsletter. In it you will find links, schedules, details.

And that’s not all you will learn from the Berlin districts on Wednesday in our Tagesspiegel newsletter: An interesting BVG project in the fight against hooliganism is starting in Mahlsdorf. And in Schöneberg a great politician is remembered. These are some of the topics you will find in the current Tagesspiegel newsletters, always compact, always concrete. We are very happy for you. Try us.

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André Görke writes from SPANDAU

What donations do we really need and what do we not?: The Head of the Volunteer Agency for Aid to Ukraine and Open Day in the Old Town

Ukraine and us: prayer for peace in the old town900 students protest at Falkenhagener Feld, Lüdicke shipping company helps in times of need…

Pichelsdorfer Strasse construction site: The once-proud trading mile is getting a makeover, but there’s trouble everywhere. Neighbors of the neighborhood about noise and poor communication from the City Council

Prawns at Lake Glienicke: So many were caught in Kladow

water town: Broken Bank Road and Broken Bascule Bridge News

– Scrap Ship Pichelswerder: Photos and memories of the “Sabine”

– Citadel: Head of the museum about Hans Carossa and forced labor in Spandau

– Thatched Holey Chapel in Kladow saved – the amount donated is huge

Series of fires in Heerstraße Nord: Number of cameras, plain text of the mayor – and criminal waste disposal

Gatow Cemetery Landscape: plans and problems for the Islamic cemetery

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200 year old Kladow village church: The date is fixed

excursion tips: Forest school, Havelhöhe and start of the season at the Kladow summer café

sports: Dancing at the SC Siemensstadt, the football school teacher from Spandau and the winners of the “Lauf der Sympathie”

Johanna Treblin reports from MARZAHN-HELLERSDORF

Ukraine Help: Benefit concert, support for helpers, online platform

local club: Renaming of street names with antisemitic references – yes, but

new meeting point in Marzahn-Northwest

week of action against racism: Talks, workshops and co.

district budget decided: money for women’s projects and rainbow center

easter eggs together to dye

BVG wants more plexiglass at stops – model Mahlsdorf

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clean thing in the Biesenhorster Sand nature reserve

campaign for car-free streets in front of schools

theft in the police: from sweets to bicycles

learning confectionery with lunch

Victory for the U-12 women’s team the Marzahn Basket Dragons

Table tennis for people with dementia

More anti-Russian and anti-Ukrainian-crimes

Sigrid Kneist reports from TEMPELHOF-SCHÖNEBERG

refugee support from Ukraine: Reinforcement for the social welfare office

Barbara Binek helps out at the main train station: active commitment

Tribute to former federal president: Schöneberg gets Richard-von-Weizsäcker-Platz

An additional stop in Mariendorf: The Kamenzer Damm S-Bahn station was included in the railway expansion plan

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District Approves Budget for 2022/2023: the part of the house

Schöneberg construction project: First building permits issued in Barabarossa-Deieck

a chamber musician for passion: 34 years ago, cellist Frank Dodge founded the privately funded Spectrum Concert series

In our Tagesspiegel newsletters from the Berlin districts, we bring you exclusive news, tackle local discussions, name lots of dates, links and personal tips. And we introduce people who want to make a difference in the neighborhood. Feel free to try us out! The newsletters already have more than 260,000 subscriptions.

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