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Berlin plans 250 welcome classes, and the first already exist

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In Berlin, around 250 welcome classes are initially planned for schoolchildren who have fled the war in Ukraine.

“According to the current state, a total of 102 welcome classes can be established in primary schools and 45 welcome classes in level I secondary schools,” Senator for Education Astrid-Sabine Busse (SPD) told the German Press Agency. “In the upper secondary education centers there are capacities for 57 reception classes in public schools and for 47 learning groups in private schools.”

The first welcome classes have already started in Berlin-Pankow, among other places, or are about to start. “The willingness to set up homecoming classes is very high, which makes me happy,” Busse said.

Currently, Berlin can establish more than 2,000 places in reception classes in general schools and around 750 places in reception classes in vocational training in public schools alone. “Fortunately, there are also the activities of schools under independent sponsorship,” the senator said.

More than 100 Ukrainian teachers have applied

In addition, many German-speaking refugees are already taught in regular classes. According to the education administration, students in reception classes should also switch to regular classes later. Ukraine had recently spoken out against school integration in Germany, but demanded lessons according to their curriculum because it was only a temporary stay.

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According to Busse, Ukrainian teachers contact the Senate Education Administration directly with the department responsible for personnel affairs or through a functional mailbox in the native language teaching department. If these teachers had studied German as a subject, an agreement was reached with the regional school authorities to place them in a host class as close as possible to their current accommodation.

Tagesspiegel fundraiser for Ukraine war victims:

  • the Tagesspiegel Donation Association ask for money, we charge for ours Main cooperation partner “Alliance Development Helps” for the victims of the war in Ukraine, in the affected neighboring countries and in Germany, especially Berlin-Brandenburg.
  • The donation association reserves the right – this has been clarified with the mutually agreed alliance – to proactively allocate a certain part of the total sum for acute emergency aid to other organizations in Berlin and Brandenburg.
  • Donation Account: Recipient: Fundraiser Der Tagesspiegel eV, Purpose: “Helping people!/Ukraine”Berliner Sparkasse BIC: BELADEBE, IBAN: DE43100500000250030942
  • Please name and address for the donation receipt take note (online banking is possible). The transfer receipt is sufficient for the tax for amounts up to 300 euros.
  • You can find more information on the “People Help!” fundraiser. in this article.

According to Busse, more than 100 Ukrainian teachers have already applied through the functional mailbox for the school area. “For the youth sector, especially for complementary care and support offers, we will soon also create a digital application option,” the senator announced.

The educational administration has a total of about 130 contact details, including a good 40 teachers with very good knowledge of German or German as a subject. (teaspoon, dpa)

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