PP leader claims Sánchez’s socialism is ‘deadly for Spain’: ‘It looks more and more like Peronism’


The general coordinator of the PP, Elías Bendodo, considered this Saturday that it was “not serious” that the President of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, in his assessment of the political course, advocated taking off his tie as an energy saving measure : “It is a joke; this is not serious. There is no tie that covers the 11% inflation rate announced yesterday – for Friday – that is the reason for everything.”

In Fuengirola (Málaga), where he graduated with the President of the Andalusian Government and the PP-A, Juanma Moreno, the Summer School of the PP Málaga; and Deputy Secretary General for Regional and Local Coordination of the National PP, Pedro Rollán; Bendodo has made an impact: “The reality is that I think Sanchez’s shirt doesn’t come down to his neck, so he needs to take off his tie.” But, he added, “there is undoubtedly no bond that will prevent us from levying taxes.”

In his speech, he recalled that this Spanish government had “very little capacity” and recalled that when former Socialist President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero made the word risk premium known to everyone, “and made us see it every day would have,” Sánchez has reminded us of the dangers of runaway inflation.” “Without a doubt, the PSOE is a ‘master class’ for everything bad in the economy.”

For this reason, the number 3 of the national PP, regarding Pedro Sánchez’s management balance sheet, has claimed: “Little more than the draw”, but added that “if there is a balance to be drawn, this is: 24 tax gains in four years.” and 39 ministers. That’s not how you get ahead.”

In this sense, the President of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, has also criticized Pedro Sánchez’s statements, since “it does not seem that the right decision is the tie knot”. “The knot of the tie is not what bothers Andalusian families the most, it is the knot in the stomach that occurs in many families when their children are unemployed, they are over 50 years old and cannot find a job opportunity,” has claimed .

He then remarked that “whoever has the tools to do something” is Sánchez and demands that he “act”. “In politics, it is very important to be consistent so as not to lose credibility,” he stressed.


Bendodo also referred to the ERE’s verdict in his speech, assuring that socialism “continues to bottom out and some keep digging after hitting bottom”. “One thing is that the judiciary convicts two former PSOE CEOs and apologizes, it was a mistake and we will correct it.

Whoever speaks of pardons “must blush” is, in his opinion, “the biggest corruption case in the history of Spain, in which the PSOE used 700 million euros to create a network of unemployed, looted, doped to go to the elections and friends , former directors, in ERE where they had never worked”.

At this point he recalled “the absolute disgrace” that a manager’s driver “who spent 25,000 euros of the unemployed on cocaine started a company to manage this filth and called it Sapphire” because loudly to sustainably, both “liked to drink a Bombay Sapphire in the middle of the afternoon and socialism reached that point”.

Bendodo lamented that “they don’t blush” when they talk about pardons, stressing that Pedro Sánchez’s socialism “is more like Peronism that they said, ‘Thief or no thief, we want Perón’ Sanchismo, that us wants to impose on this socialist party, which is deadly for Spain”.

Faced with this, he described Juanma Moreno’s Andalusia as “clean and honest” and stressed that the ERE’s verdict was a mixture of “sadness and relief”. Pena, the general coordinator of the PP, clarified that “they are again talking badly about Andalusia; Juanma has managed in four years not to talk about investments, self-employment, business, health, not a single case of corruption, and now he’s coming back to find out.”

But he also added: “Relief because we are beginning to end a black phase of socialism that has done a lot of damage. Andalusia was not a socialist; socialism was doped with the money of the unemployed in the elections.”

For Bendodo, the real Andalusia is “that of June 19 that wants the best for its country; with a government that fails to create systems to perpetuate itself, which is without a doubt the worst corruption there can be. For this reason he has insisted that “one of the darkest episodes in Andalusia” be given a “folder” and trusts that “no one is tempted to take this pardon before the Council of Ministers because the Spanish will not understand They pardon those responsible for the country’s biggest corruption case”.

However, according to the leader of the national PP, the Sánchez government is “ruthlessly fair, it has no problem pardoning independentistas, it has already done so, or dealing with those who remember Spain’s history, a law of democratic agree murdered more than a thousand people, many of them our comrades, with ETA; and to announce this in the same week as the anniversary of the attack by Miguel Ángel Blanco; it must be macabre”.

The President of the Malaga PP has stressed that Spain “needs President Feijóo”: “We have shown that we are a party of state, that it cares about key issues; but – Sánchez – is a prisoner of pro-independence, pro-ETA members and of Podemos. They will never reach an agreement with the PP.”

“The PP wants to be the useful tool, we are the alternative, not the opposition. It’s Feijóo, the PP’s turn. In the end, when Spain is bad, the Spaniards call the PP, it happened to Aznar, to Rajoy and it will happen to Feijóo,” Elías Bendodo claimed.

In his opinion, Pedro Sánchez is “like a bad summer song: tiresome, without content and without essence, we all want this song, which is already out of fashion, to stop playing if it ever was”, recalls a phrase of the former Andalusian President and former Secretary General of the PSOE-A Susana Díaz in the Socialist primaries: “Pedro, the problem is not the Socialist Party, the problem is you.” “Mrs. Diaz and a set have never been as successful today as they were then,” concluded Bendodo.


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