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Bendodo sees Andalusia result as ‘firm move’ for Sánchez to leave Moncloa and warns ‘PP has no ceiling’

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He assured that the center PP “got great results” and recalled that the party “always won united and concentrated”.


The general coordinator of the PP, Elías Bendodo, assured this Monday that the result obtained by the PP in the Andalusian elections was a “decisive and firm step” for Pedro Sánchez to “leave Moncloa”. In addition, he does not rule out that a similar result can be achieved in a parliamentary election, since, as he emphasized, the election on Sunday showed that the PP “has no ceiling”.

This was announced at a press conference at the PP headquarters after the meeting of the party’s steering committee, chaired by Alberto Núñez Feijóo, which focused on analyzing the outcome of this Sunday’s elections almost monographically. In these elections, Juanma Moreno achieved an unassailable victory with 58 deputies and more than 1.5 million votes, guaranteeing him a comfortable absolute majority against a PSOE that had its worst ever result with 30 seats.

After stressing that citizens already see the PP as the “alternative” to the PSOE and United We Can executive, he stressed that the results in Andalusia are a “decisive and firm step for Pedro Sánchez to leave La Moncloa and return to seriousness. good management, experience and the common sense politics that Feijóo embodies”.


Furthermore, the General Coordinator of the PP pointed out that the data in Andalusia is also an example that “when the PP works with unity, it is unbeatable”. “The PP always won as a team and with focus,” he said.

In this sense, he emphasized that his party “gets great results from the centre”, adding that the PP “must always have one foot in the middle and the other foot able to swing left and right”.

After highlighting that the PP was “prepared and activated” to face the general elections, Bendodo pointed out that the party’s result in Andalusia had also shown that the PP had “no ceiling”. “If the PP is able to get an absolute majority, the PP in Spain has no ceiling,” he added.

In the case of Vox, PP’s “number three” has indicated that it will be Santiago Abascal’s party that will have to explain why they got a lower result than expected. In his opinion, one must be able to manage “expectations” in the election campaign, after this formation had targeted more than twenty MPs and ended up with 14, only two more than in 2018.


Source europapress.es

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