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Belinda said goodbye to her last memory of Nodal: here’s how she covered her tattoo

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The separation of Belinda Yes nodal christian continue to be controversialWell, not only did the couple end on the worst of terms, but each made it clear that they don’t want any trace of this intense romance that almost led them to the altar.

Recall that Belinda and Nodal had a court that seemed perfect and be filled with special moments for both of them, but at some point breakup rumors started to surface.

During the relationship, both the singer ranchera as a pop performer, they decided to pay an important tribute to the court and that’s how they both got tattoos of references to each other.

The celebrities have confirmed their engagement is over and the conflicts they experienced soon surfaced.

Since, Nodal has changed his tattoos and decided to cover them with other grounds.

Belinda covered Christian Nodal’s last memory

The famous Mexican artist has decided to say goodbye completely of his memories about the relationship he had with Nodal, so he covered up a tattoo that was done in honor of the relationship.

Belinda made a tattoo on his ankle with a heart which had Nodal’s initials in the center.

In one of his most recent posts you can see that the tattoo has been changed and now it’s a completely black heart.

Recall that when the artist got her first tattoo, she assured that she was happy to have it, since the the area where this was done was reserved for the love of his life.

Until now, the artist tried to remain discreet about his breakupHowever, the controversies do not stop.

Now, Nodal has been involved with Argentinian singer Cazzu, with whom he was repeatedly captured in compromising situations.

For its part, Belinda lives in Spain and revives her acting side with his participation in welcome to edena Netflix series.

Source metroecuador.com

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