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Belén Macías and Marta Nieto come together in “Verano en Rojo”: “Big budgets are needed for women”



the film director Belen Macias has counted on actress Marta Nieto for the leading role in her next film “Verano en Rojo”, which is currently being shot in Madrid and is scheduled to premiere in 2023 and which also stars José Coronado.

Director and actress agree:Women still have a long way to go” in the world of cinema and has lamented that they cannot look forward to “big film budgets”, as they have stressed in statements to Europa Press from their location in a park in Madrid.

The director explained that Women represent “a very small panorama” in the industry although she acknowledges that in recent years they have fought for equality thanks to associations such as CIMA (Confederation of Women Filmmakers and Audiovisual Media).

“More women are needed in the industry because we are at a time when the industry is willing to listen to girl stories but we need more budget for ourselves. I wish I could handle a big budget‘ Macías demanded.

In this sense, Marta Nieto has indicated that women “need to occupy the space,” which she urges future directors and actresses to do “take a step forward” and put aside “the invisible narrative that torpedoes women”.

“Now that quotas exist and they work, because quality audiovisual products are created from the point of view, we have to dare. I encourage women to put the outcome aside, it has more to do with personal conquest,” has manifested.


The director and actors immersed themselves in the shooting of the film “Summer in Red”which takes place in the summer of 2010 after the Spanish soccer team won the World Cup in South Africa, is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by the writer Berna González Harbour.

I’ve tried to stay true to the novel because I’ve read it and I really liked it, and also out of respect for the novelist. The book covered a genre I wanted to tackle, like the thriller, while also having a social component that I’ve always been interested in,” he explained.

The crew began filming last Monday and plan to move to Pamplona next week to continue filming for the next five weeks. The film revolves around detective María Ruiz (Marta Nieto) who, without any obvious clues, faces a crime that she will launch an investigation into with the help of journalist Luna (José Coronado).

A plot of land that was key to both Coronado and Nieto deciding on this project. “The theme of the film seems relevant to me, and the story and the director’s sensibility in designing the chosen theme were fundamental. I am passionate about my character because of my sense of justice. I’m interested in meaningful films that fulfill and motivate me,” said Nieto.

For his part, José Coronado praised Macías for being “super ductile” and for his good work with the actors because “he adapts to them”. The actor, who is almost 40 years old at work, has expressed a desire to keep working, realizing that part of his success lies in “embracing and adapting to what’s coming,” and most importantly, teamwork.

“The one who starts his own business, I think maybe he can shine and win awards, but he doesn’t go to bed happy because he did his job better than his peers and that’s what’s important to me. What I like is to play to create characters and enrich myself and learn from them‘ he confessed.


Source europapress.es

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