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Belarra guarantees the stability of the government but urges the PSOE to change course as there is already enough military spending

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He stressed that they were determined to close the legislature and that the priority now was social investment because “Spain is not at war”.


Podemos leader and Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, has reiterated that the stability of the executive is “guaranteed” despite disagreements over increasing the military budget, and has defended the advisability of a “substantive debate” with the PSOE on the issue , since “every euro spent on military spending means one euro less on health or public education”.

In statements to TVE collected by Europa Press, he stressed that United We Can is committed to completing the legislature and that his aim is to convince his partner in forums such as the Coalition Agreement Monitoring Commission of the need to prioritizing policies over general budgets, as he says military spending is already at “record levels” and “not exactly low”.

In particular, it was stressed that the budgetary spending on defence, which fluctuates around 1.2% of GDP, does not reflect all investments in this area, since it is increased by 1,000 million euros through formulas such as the extension of extraordinary credits, such as the one approved yesterday, and we cannot put up with that, with pension funds that do not then flow into the state accounts.


Looking ahead to the next session of the Coalition Monitoring Commission requested yesterday by Second Vice President Yolanda Díaz; The Social Rights Minister has said they will convey to the executive the importance of “going back” with citizens by responding to social priorities such as fighting inflation at a “complex” moment in the legislature.

In addition, Belarra has stressed that Spain “is not at war” but is rather suffering from the socio-economic effects of the war, and has therefore stated for several weeks that the public perception is that the executive branch “does not have clear objectives”. and she must focus “clearly” on achieving social progress and set “a milestone” with the 2023 budget.

He has also noted that the citizenry perceives that it is ‘we can alone’ that hoists progressive flags that ‘must belong to all government’ and has listed that the most outstanding achievements have come from minority partner proposals such as: B. the labor reform, the increase in the interprofessional minimum salary or the trans law.


Now, the Secretary General of Podemos reported, a detailed program for future public budgets has been put on the table, such as capping fuel prices, creating a fund of 10,000 million to improve public services, raising the SMI again, extending it six months of maternity leave, a universal income of 100 euros for children or a tax reform that can no longer be postponed and must include a specific tax for large companies and wealth.

Despite differences with her partner, Belarra wanted to announce “quite clearly” that the coalition executive was a “success for the left” and that whoever fought for her the most was her very seat, making it clear that this is progress they claim is complicated by United We Can’s minority position. “Despite what can be said, this is the most stable government in the last decade and we will conduct the PGE,” he said.

Finally, referring to the popular criticism of the executive’s actions, Belarra replied that the PP “is not here to teach good management lessons” because “they were people in the previous economic crisis and let down underneath”. Their criterion was that the previous PP government was the most unstable it had produced in the country because it was “riddled with corruption”.

Source europapress.es

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