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Before ‘The Boys’ Episode 7: Homelander Defends Against Starlight’s Accusation – With a Bad Trick

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June 30, 2022 at 7:31 p.m.

Homelander reacts to Starlight’s accusation in a wonderfully nasty way – even before the release of the 7th episode of “The Boys”. You can find out everything at Netzwelt.

The Boys: Starlight and Homelander

The Boys: Starlight and Homelander (Source: Amazon Studios)

  • Warning: minor spoilers for the “Herogasm” episode.
  • In the 6th episode of “The Boys”, Starlight strongly blames the Vought company and quits.
  • Even before episode 7, Homelander reacts to it – and also provides an explanation for Starlight’s behavior.
  • Of course, all of this has little to do with the truth.

Tomorrow, Friday July 1st, the 7th episode of the ingenious superhero parody “The Boys” will be released on Amazon Prime Video. Episode 6 entitled “Herogasm” ended with a bang: Annie January, better known as Starlight, explained live on Instagram that she The Seven leave.

Well, before episode 7 comes out, Homelander and the evil Vought Corporation react to Starlight’s live stream.

Of the Vought International Twitter Channel releases a statement from Homelander, in which the sadistic superhero describes his alleged partner, Starlight, as “attention nut”. Homelander broke up with her which triggered a “hysterical tantrum” in her.

Out of “jealousy gone wild”, Starlight then leveled its “wrongful accusations” against Vought.

Homelander explains that Starlight is no longer a member of the Seven. His invitation to become co-captain was also withdrawn.

In addition, the Post promises shareholders of the Vought Group that all legal means will be used to defend against the alleged false allegations. See the full post in English here:

The Vought International Twitter channel naturally comes from the universe of the series “The Boys”. The grandiose Amazon Prime show uses social networks more often as “meta tools” to promote the series “The Boys”. If you scroll through the Vought International feed, you’ll also find the following previous post, congratulating Starlight on its incredible 193 million Instagram followers:

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