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Before meeting Barcelona… Why doesn’t Mustafa Mohamed score in important games?

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Mustafa Mohamed, the star of the Turkish Galatasaray and the Egyptian national team, presents positive numbers in most of his matches, but suffers in somewhat larger confrontations.

Barcelona’s game against Galatasaray at the Camp Nou, in the first leg of the European League final, was a good example of this. The Egyptian player failed to put the Catalan goal in danger and the German goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen, and he often fell into the offside trap.

However, given the last meeting with Barcelona, ​​​​and before the Egyptian team’s matches in the African Cup of Nations, there is more than one reason for Mustafa Mohamed’s clear relegation in the first level matches in Africa and Europe.

Lack of medium support.

The Barcelona match witnessed two notable observations, the first of which was the absence of the midfielders supporting Mustafa Mohamed with decisive and influential passes, as there seemed to be a state of inconsistency that does not exist in Turkish League matches. .

Despite Mustafa Muhammad’s contribution of 9 goals (6 goals and 3 assists) in the Turkish league this season, he failed to score any goals in all European League matches, and before that in 7 African Cup matches. of Nations and two from the Champions League. preliminary matches.

The good defensive positioning of the Barcelona players and the failure of Mustafa Mohamed to keep up with the speeds of the stars of the Catalan team also caused the absence of his influence in the match.

On the other hand, with the Frenchman Bafetimbi Gómez entering the field in his place, the danger of the Turkish team increased, and the substitute scored a goal that was also disallowed for offside, which Barcelona applied brilliantly in that match.

scoring suffering

Despite Mustafa Mehmet’s success in scoring 6 goals in the Turkish league this season, he has not scored a goal in his team’s last 4 matches, despite his success in scoring both goals in a 2-1 win over Besiktas on Monday.

The Egyptian star had previously stated that he feels great pressure when he lets a long time go by without scoring, which causes his nervousness, which was evident in his discussions with his teammates in the Barcelona match due to bad passes and the lack of them in the game. area. Offensive third of the Turkish national team.

Mustafa Mohamed, Turkish striker, Galatasaray

Mustafa Muhammad said in statements published by the Turkish newspaper “Posta” last October: “I felt a lot of pressure when I didn’t score, the only thing I needed was the goal, I knew more would come.”

After a long fast during the first 7 rounds in the Turkish league this season, Muhammad scored in two games against Rizespor and Konyaspor, then fasted two games and scored against Karajmurk, then fasted 3 games and shook Basak Shahir, then scored a goal after returning from the African Cup of Nations and has since now fasted locally and in Europe

Why didn’t Mustafa Mohamed score in the African Cup of Nations?

Carlos Queiroz, coach of the Egyptian national team, relied most of the time on defensive tactics, especially in important games, which caused the absence of Mostafa Mohamed scoring throughout the tournament.

The Egyptian team scored just 4 goals in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, leading them to reach the final against Senegal before losing the match on penalties.

Mustafa in an Egypt shirt

In the African Cup it was explained that Queiroz trusted Mustafa Mohamed for his physical strength more than anything else, in addition to the skills of the Mohamed Salah and Omar Marmoush duo on both sides.

The numbers say that the Egyptian national team only created 7 real goalscoring opportunities over the course of the African Cup of Nations, an average of one chance per game, and only two goals were scored in open play, the first of which was goal of Mohamed Salah in Guinea. -Bissau in the groups and the goal to win 2-1 over Morocco in the quarterfinals.

The last goal came with an individual effort from Mohamed Salah, then a decisive pass that Mahmoud Hassan “Trezegueh” converted into the net.

Egypt’s reliance on the brilliance of their goalkeeper, Mohamed Abu Gabal, in the knockout matches made the attacking side less interested, and the Pharaohs did not create any real chances in matches like Cameroon and Senegal, except through free balls, from which they scored. two goals of 4.

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