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Become an internet star in a dress she made out of drapes

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A British woman has revealed how she created her dream dress from drapes she bought at a charity shop for just $5, and how she became an online star thanks to this dress.

Sophia Brown, 41, better known as “Velvet Jones” on the Internet, spent many hours cutting and sewing fabric that she bought cheaply from a charity shop, to a wonderful result that amazed all her followers.

The London-based artist and fashion designer posted a video clip revealing how she designed and sewed her wonderful dress, inspired by the “Twita Matushi” dresses that sell for thousands of dollars. Since then, the video has gone viral with more than a quarter of a million views and thousands of comments asking for similar dresses.

Sophia wanted to show people that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make great clothes and posted a clip showing how she turned charity shop curtains into an amazing dress with attached belts.

Sophia said that she had been invited to a friend’s wedding and that she didn’t have a suitable dress for the occasion, so she went to a charity shop and looked for a suitable fabric to sew her own dress. In fact, I found her request there.

Sophia has been in the tailoring business for 26 years and started when she was 16 years old. After that, she earned a degree in Fashion Design and trained many people in dress design during her career.

It took her two weeks to complete the dress, and once she finished it, Sofia shared her photos on the Internet, earning her huge fame that she did not expect, as thousands of requests for similar dresses started pouring in. according to the British Daily Mail.


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