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Because Russian millions are missing: 34 real branches could be redistributed

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The new staff of the Real affiliates could be paralyzed by the war in Ukraine and the sanctions. According to the Lebensmittelzeitung, 34 real estate properties do not yet have new owners. Its value is estimated at more than one billion euros. According to an investigation by the Lebensmittelzeitung, a planned deal could be in jeopardy due to the withdrawal of two oligarchs.

The SCP Group is responsible for dividing the 34 branches. SCP had taken over a total of 276 Real de Metro branches and had organized their sale. The last 58 Royal branches owned by SCP will be sold before June 30, 2022. But the company is also affected by the war in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed by the EU, although not directly. The Russian oligarch Vladimir Yevtushenkov, together with his son Felix, has already transferred the majority of the shares of his investment company to the French Marjorie Brabet-Friel. The biggest financiers are going with him.

According to “Lebensmittelzeitung”, the father and son team had financial deposits of 739 million euros in Luxembourg-based Sistema Finance SA, which are now eliminated. In reality, Real’s branches should end with business partner X+Bricks. But the transfer has not yet taken place, as “LZ” reports. According to the newspaper’s investigation, it will be seen next week whether the deal will go through or whether the branches will be redistributed.


This article appeared on March 18 and has now been updated.

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