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Because of J Balvin and Bad Bunny, Karol G had to change the original name of ‘Tusa’

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The most successful song of the career of Carol G. initially he had another name, but following an accident he had to change his name to the one he bears today: ‘Tusa’.

Karol G is one of today’s most important urban artists. She was the creator of musical hits such as Bichota, MAMIII, El Makinon and Provenceand the artist paisa has managed to position herself as one of the most listened to singers in the world.

Tusa is Karol G’s most successful song, with which she managed to establish herself as the most awarded song in all history and her numbers continue to sweep music platforms. Same, Several rumors run on social networks where it is specified that this emblematic theme is dedicated to her ex-boyfriend Anuel AA, with whom she had an affair for more than two years.

Tusa was going to be called something else

The blow of Carol G. With Nicki Minaj, it was the song that accompanied the wickedness of many around the world, but curiously this song was going to have another name, which had to be changed due to musical strategies and launch.

The person responsible for revealing this information was the song’s producer, Ovy on the Drums, through an interview on TikTok. The producer said that Ear He was going to have another name, but he interfered with a song that J Balvin and Bad Bunny had.

Initially, the collaboration between the Colombian and the Trinidadian was going to be called The song; but according to the words of the person who produced the sound of the song, Balvin and Bad Bunny first released a song of the same name, so the original strategy was rearranged and the name was changed.

“When we did Tusa, ‘La Canción’ hadn’t even come out, the one with Balvin and Bad Bunny. So when ‘La Canción’ comes out I say: ‘uff, how will this song come out if it was already called ‘La Canción’”, Ovy said.

Although Tusa enters was composed first, both songs are about the same situation of lack of love that many people experience. In fact, the producer said that at first the song did not convince Karol G much, but until several months later they managed to record it. “Out of nowhere, one day he said to me, ‘Ovy, that song you were talking about like bullshit, where is that song?’ And me: ‘That’s it, we’re going to record it’ and we recorded it and phew, dad! “.

The rest was history, and as an added fact, the producer revealed that when he showed him the sound from song to Carol G., didn’t run it on entry. It took 8 months to record it. Karol G sent it to Nicki Minaj and she loved it so much she sent her verse right away.

Here is the producer’s video recounting the experience of creating the song:

Source metroecuador.com

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