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Bebito Fiu Fiu generates this reaction when played by a pianist in a restaurant

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Although it seems that the the rage has ceased a little, the Baby Fiu Fiu keep giving something to talk about. East piano version generated the guest reaction of one luxury restaurant in Mexico. The musician showed the cover of the partition you asked to surprise visitors to your workplace. As you might think, the the participants chanted the theme.

“Raza, I already have the score, let’s see how it sounds,” he said @crutze.music in his video in ICT Tac. The material has reached more than 5.4 million views within hours of its publication. The same pianist sang the beginning of the song in a low voice so as not to alert the audience to the surprise.

“Everyone knows it and they sing it”says the pianist through a text inserted in the video. In addition, you can hear how little by little the guests repeat the phrases of the song of Tito Silva Music which has become popular all over the world. Mexico also joined the wave of this already famous song.

Baby Fiu Fiu always present

Although already the fever of Baby Fiu Fiu gave a little, still the theme sounds in social networks Yes nightclubs in Peru and in several Spanish-speaking countries. Your Creator, Tito Silva Musicand the singer Tefi Cwhich gives voice to the theme, were in the eye of the hurricane due to a possible copyright lawsuit.

Spotify and others streaming platforms musical removed the theme from their offering but, shortly thereafter, reinstated it. Same one of the versions gave Martin Vizcarra as author. Titus Silva reported that he had a conversation with the owners of Stanthe subject who Dido Yes Eminem popularized 20 years ago.

Baby Fiu Fiu was a song that started out as a musical meme, a parody of ampay from former president Martin Vizcarra and the former candidate of Congress, Zully Pinchi.

Source metroecuador.com

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