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Beauty tips, from facial yoga to hyaluronic acid fillers: 4 ways to achieve beautifully defined contours


From facial yoga to contouring to fillers, there are plenty of ways to add definition to the face. These are the four fastest and most efficient…

It is well known: defined facial features give the face a youthful and firm appearance. This includes not only the visible jawline, but also the firm contours of the cheeks. But not everyone is blessed with striking facial features. So it’s time to help! Because the face can quickly be a little more defined with makeup, massage techniques or minimally invasive procedures. Do you have a wedding or an important event coming up? So here are four ways to quickly make your face a little slimmer.

Beauty tips: 4 ways to have beautifully defined contours

1. Facial yoga for tight contours

Anyone who has ever experienced the benefits of lymphatic drainage knows the decongestant and firming effect of pressure massage. Targeted movements of the hands on the face stimulate the elimination of accumulated fluid via the lymph nodes under the skin. Connective tissue and facial muscles are stimulated and blood circulation and oxygen supply to cells are significantly improved. This means: With small massages and exercises such as the “balloon”, the “warrior” or the “smooch”, the face can not only appear more radiant, but can also appear more defined in no time. For pressure massage or yoga exercises for the face, it is best to take ten minutes in the morning – this is when the effect is greatest.

2. Contouring for a firm chin

Firmed facial features in less than a minute?! It works – at least visually. With contouring and the right bronzer application, it’s a snap. If you want the lower half of the face to look a bit slimmer, black powder is placed on the jawline. Start at the side temples and work down along the outer edge of the face. Then mix. The effect: the dark tone optically recedes the side areas – making the face narrower. The chin area needs to be tightened? Then simply draw a line from the ear along the jawline to the chin area and blend towards the neck. The lifting effect is not long in coming, I promise.

3. Hyaluronic acid filler for added definition

If massage and contouring aren’t effective enough for you, you can also rely on minimally invasive methods for a firm contour. Jaw fillers with hyaluronic acid in particular, but also laser and ultrasound therapies are becoming increasingly popular in this area. Missing or lost volume in the cheek area can be corrected by applying loads to specific points in the zygomatic arch to bring tension back into the face. “The shape of the face generally approximates an upturned, youthful and awake V-shape and therefore the ‘supermodel look'”, explains medical Dr. Djalaei, Specialist in Surgery at Juvéderm.

4. Cold against stubborn pads on chin and cheeks

Cooling treatments and tools are also a popular way to tighten facial skin. The sudden cold shock of the cooled tool can reduce facial fat cells – provided it is a professional treatment such as CoolSculpting – and shrink the skin. In this case, however, you usually only see results after two to three months, but the face remains more defined in the long term. Is it too much for you? Then you can brush on your face with slightly thawed ice cubes or cooling ice cubes and gently give more shape to your face.



Source www.gala.de

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