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Be careful! Don’t overuse antibiotics

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The World Health Organization ireported that the drug abuse, self-medication Yes interruption of treatment caused a increased resistance of microorganisms to antibiotics.

Among the thirty or so classes of antibiotics discovered to date, many are encountering increasing resistance without others capable of replacing them appearing. The WHO ensures that gonorrhea It is a clear example of how the abuse of antibiotics has turned a fully curable sexually transmitted disease into a threat to life.

Allow the growth of other microorganisms

According to the portal nutridermsince normally the antibiotic is not so selective and not only destroys the infecting germ, but also kills the so-called normal flora which is in balanceit has been found to cause germs, which are even normal, to produce diseases or others which are “repressed”, such as fungi, to cause them”.

“Many types of bacteria co-exist in our body and most are non-infectious. By taking antibiotics when they are not needed, bacteria build up resistance to them. Thus, faced with an infection caused by a bacterium that has created a resistance, the commonly used antibiotics are no longer effective..

“And it is precisely with the dose that the human being ‘sins’, by not taking it as indicated by the doctor. Thus, antibiotics are misused, which, although they were created to attack bacteria, by killing them or by paralyzing their cell division, or both functions at the same time, if they are not supplied in sufficient quantity and for a sufficient duration, can create a greater problem known as bacterial resistance to antibioticsthey limit in mentioned website.

Source metroecuador.com

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