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Barack Obama, declared fan of Rosalía: “Saoko” is one of his favorite summer songs

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Barack Obama is a moto mom. The former President of the United States on Tuesday shared a publication on his social networks with his summer songs, and among them is Saokoby Rosalie. It is not the first time that the 44th US President has declared himself a fan of the Barcelona woman, in 2019 he already took up his topic with height between a list of summer songs. “Every year I’m happy to share my summer song list because I learn a lot about new artists thanks to your replies,” Obama wrote on his Instagram account. “It’s an example of how music can really bring us together.”

The former US President has been a cultural writer since he entered the White House. Every summer it shares a list of songs and books that is notable for its diversity. This year, his list has a distinct Latin flavor. In addition to Rosalía, the presence of Bad Bunny stands out, whose latest album Obama recommends collaborating with the Colombian group Bomba Estéreo. Beautiful eyes. Also outstanding is Mexican singer-songwriter Omar Apollo, known in Spain for his collaboration on C. Tangana’s latest album. The inclusion of so many Spanish-speaking artists is perhaps no coincidence.

Obama is great with social media. He was the first US President to use Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, a privilege that only came about as a passing fluke since he moved into the White House in 2009, when social media was just beginning to emerge. But few have mastered the narrative in the digital world like him. His selection of summer songs and books is a good example, and it’s easy to spot in these lists references to political and cultural movements that the former president wants to give prominence to. We see this well in his selection of books, among which an essay on polarization stands out: Why we are polarized by Ezra Klein. For the other titles, Obama plays it safe and chooses Pulitzer Prize winner Jennifer Egan or Mexican Silvia Moreno García, whose book the night was velvet was voted one of the best novels of 2021 New York Times book review, Washington Post either The Boston Globe.

Obama’s playlist combines classics by Joe Cocker, Nina Simone or Prince with more modern themes. Harry Styles with Music for a sushi restaurant or Beyonce, with break my soulare other of the singers sneaking into the playlist of the former president. The interpreter of single women, She is a personal friend of the Democrat and even sang the US anthem at his inauguration. She has also been very active in defending the Black Lives Matters movement. He’s not the only close person to sneak into a list notable for the presence of Bruce Springsteen, with whom the former president has presented himself podcast, Renegades: Born in the USA, about masculinity, race and fatherhood. Although Obama has resigned from positions of responsibility, he remains active. This very list comes a day after his Emmy nomination for his participation in the Netflix documentaries was announced Majestic national parks.

Besides in playlist Obama added Rosalía to another list this week: that of the nominees for the MTV Video Music Awards, which will be held on April 28. The performer opts for the Best Editing awards precisely because sackor, and best collaboration from Fame, a song he sings in a duet with The Weeknd. The Catalan receives these awards while she is immersed in the presentation of the album mummy, a tour that will take her to Spain until the beginning of August, then she ventures across the pond to give concerts in Argentina, Mexico and several US cities – maybe Obama can then enjoy his idol live.

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