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Banco Pichincha and WWF join forces for nature conservation and sustainable development in Ecuador

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Banco Pichincha and WWF presented their alliance at the Botanical Garden to promote the voluntary contribution of the financial institution’s customers and thus support nature conservation efforts in the country. Under the slogan “Subscribe to the planet”, the two entities seek to raise funds that contribute to increasing the impact of the work carried out by the international organization dedicated to the protection of the environment and, therefore, to the resources natural resources that support thousands of people and the basis of the Ecuadorian economy.

Banco Pichincha customers can contribute voluntarily under two schemes: with contributions from 1 dollar, through their debit or credit cards, by https://subscribetealplaneta.pichincha.com; or, by donating your miles from the Pichincha Miles program, the amount of which, once paid in dollars, will be donated to WWF-Ecuador.

The projects that will benefit from these contributions are related to the conservation of protected areas and areas of high biological diversity, the bioeconomy, education for sustainability, the conservation and monitoring of key species, the improvement of agricultural and productive practices and marine conservation, among others.

Environmental protection is a global priority; however, it is essential to work at the local level with different actors in society, including the private sector and banks.

In this sense, Antonio Acosta, president of Banco Pichincha, has ratified sustainability as a strategic pillar of the entity. “We have a portfolio of organic products that respect nature and which allow us to contribute to the growth of the country and the protection of our planet. We are a bank that gives life! Our commitment is to promote initiatives that encourage the efficient use of resources, take care of ecosystems and contribute to the prevention of pollution. This alliance with WWF-Ecuador is a clear example of this and of our firm conviction to leave a better environmental legacy for future generations”.

Ecuador is one of the 17 megadiverse countries in the world that have the greatest variety of animal and plant species and which together are home to 70% of the planet’s biodiversity. A country of bioregions and microclimates, with the wettest region in all of the Amazon, one of the best preserved volcanic archipelagos and one of the most productive oceans.

“It is imperative to recognize that each of the actors and sectors of society plays an important role in the path towards the social, economic and ecological transformation of our country. On the one hand, companies can drive innovative solutions and reduce the impact of their activities. On the other hand, we believe that citizens can adopt more sustainable lifestyles, contribute to conservation efforts and demand action from other sectors of society. We hope that through this alliance, the conservation efforts made through voluntary contributions from Banco Pichincha customers will be a clear demonstration of this,” in the words of Tarsicio Granizo, Director of WWF-Ecuador.

We are facing unprecedented environmental changes: accelerated loss of biodiversity, increased frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events, pollution and resource scarcity. “Subscribe to the planet”, the slogan of the joint WWF and Banco Pichincha campaign, is an invitation to recognize the vital role that nature plays as the basis of well-being for all, as well as the role that everyone plays to protect it, helping to promote a model of sustainable development.

Source metroecuador.com

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