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Ballermann’s song is the official hit of the summer

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Ballermann’s song is the official hit of the summer

Schürze (left) and DJ Robin delivered the official hit of the summer with “Layla”.

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Ballermann’s hit “Layla” was voted the official hit of the summer. The song has been number one on the German charts for five weeks.

The discussion about the song “Layla” by DJ Robin & Schürze does not stop. Despite the sexism debate, nothing seems to have changed in its popularity. Because Ballermann’s hit is now even the official hit of the summer, as GfK Entertainment writes in a press release.

“We can see that ‘Layla’ is currently the subject of more controversy in the media and social networks than almost any other song,” says Dr. Mathias Giloth, CEO of GfK Entertainment, quoted. However, the task of the official German charts is to “represent trends and developments in the music market neutrally and transparently”. This also includes determining the official success of the summer. “Representative streaming and sales data paint a clear picture of this year,” Giloth continued.

“Layla” also topped the charts in neighboring countries

The controversial song has topped the official German charts for five weeks, as determined by GfK Entertainment. In all likelihood, the Mallorca hit will be back in the top spot next Friday (July 29). In neighboring countries, too, “Layla” is apparently heard from top to bottom: in Austria the single has been on top for four weeks, in Switzerland for almost a week.

The hit artists of the evening are very happy with their success: “I wake up every morning and I think… what a shame… I guess I only dreamed of this! And then I start to smile! “, DJ Robin reportedly said. Schürze explains: “I had to tell a hundred people to pinch me. My whole body now has bruises. It’s unbelievable for me!”

“A dream is also coming true for us as a label,” say Dominik de Leon and Ikke Hipgold (45) of Summerfield Records. “The party hit simply deserves to be on top!”


Source www.gala.de

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