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Bal de la Rose in Monaco: Can Princess Charlene get carried away to perform with her sister-in-law Caroline?

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The Bal de la Rose in Monaco is approaching and with it the annual puzzle over whether Princess Charlene will finally have the honor of appearing with the royal family again.

On Friday July 8, 2022, the Bal de la Rose will take place again in the Salle des Etoiles of the Sporting de Monte-Carlo after a two-year break due to the corona pandemic. An event in which the entire royal family traditionally participates. For Princess Charlene, 44, it would be the first appearance with all of her loved ones after her long illness – and her first Rose Ball in four years. The former swimmer last participated in the glamorous event in 2017. Will she finally do it again this year? The timing would be perfect.

Caroline of Hanover is considered the “princess of hearts”

Exhausting months lie behind Princess Charlene. During a trip to South Africa last year, she fell ill with a serious ear, nose and throat infection, had to undergo several operations and was unable to return to Monaco. She was only allowed to fly again in November, but after a short reunion she had to say goodbye to her family and recover from her health problems in a clinic outside the principality. She was able to leave the establishment again in March. At the end of April, she resumed her official duties and has since made certain appointments with her husband, with their children or on her own. She has not been seen with her sister-in-law Caroline von Hannover, 65, since her return. That could now change at Rosenball.

Although Prince Alberts, 64, married in 2018 and 2019, did not attend what is probably Monaco’s most glamorous event, the Regent did not miss the event. He attended the ball with his sister Caroline and many members of his family and did not let his wife’s absence spoil the evening. On the contrary. The prince had a great time, as numerous recordings show. This is mainly due to her older sister, who is marketed in Monaco as the “princess of hearts”. Caroline of Hanover is an institution in the royal family and extremely popular with the people. Did you skip the rose ball? For them unthinkable.

The relationship between Albert and Caroline is generally considered to be extremely intimate, she is his greatest support. She recently accompanied her brother to Vienna, and together they attended the performance of Il Turco at the State Opera in Italy, while Charlene stayed at home in Monaco.

Caroline of Hanover and Prince Albert

Caroline von Hanover and Prince Albert attend the opera performance “Il Turco in Italia” at the Vienna State Opera on July 3, 2022.

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Princess Charlene: An appearance with her sister-in-law would boost confidence

It’s an open secret that the relationship between Princess Charlene and Caroline von Hanover is not the best. But for now, it would be a smart move to show up at the next Rosenball together. The reason: Due to Charlene’s long illness, new rumors about the royal couple’s marriage were circulating almost daily, and there was even talk of Charlene’s divorce and escape. Although Prince Albert has repeatedly denied this in various interviews, the speculation hasn’t stopped – until today. A joint appearance with Albert’s sister would not only make the headlines feel good, but would also boost Monegasques’ confidence in their princess.

Will the two women resolve to do it? Uncertain. So far, the palace has not announced which Grimaldis will appear at the ball on Friday.


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